These Teddies Shouldn’t Be Cuddled

There may be some confusion about the origin of stuffed teddy bears, but we’re 100% certain we want one of these highly collectible versions. Although Steiff manufactured the original teddy bear in 1902, evidence suggests that at least homemade stuffed teddy bears were being produced in the late 1800’s. They were, however, named after President Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt and originally called Teddy’s Bears.

In today’s cruel harsh world, however, it’s simply not enough to be cute and cuddly; one must also have an amazing story to make your cuddly friend grow in value. With that in mind, we’ve got the rare, the expensive and the plain old nostalgic lined up for you.

GUND Plush Teddy Bears

It’s good to be a premier plush company when a bear that originally retailed for $30 sells at auction for more than $300! GUND is the oldest soft toy manufacturer in America, and one of the first ever to produce a teddy bear in the very early 1900’s. With their track record of lovable cuties, we bet they’re GUND to keep growing!

Harrods Christmas Bears

From the country that brought us Paddington, England’s department store, Harrods, has been producing a highly coveted themed bear each holiday season since 1986. Many diehard enthusiasts wait in line during extreme weather conditions to get their annual keepsake. The original Christmas bear retailed for about $30, but will fetch a pretty $1200 if a rare one manages to make it to auction. Good luck spotting this elusive bear in the wild!

1985 Teddy Ruxpin

Creeping out parents and mesmerizing kids since 1985, the iconic talking Teddy Ruxpin is still on our radar! He may have played one too many Ozzy Osbourne cassettes, but this beloved guy is still rocking on. Good ol’ TR was even re-released in 2017 to terrorize a whole new generation. Every once in a blue moon, a like-new condition Teddy Ruxpin will hit the auction circuit and fetch over $400.

Steiff Rod Bear

The OG of teddy bears, Steiff began manufacturing teddy bears back in 1902 in Germany. The very oldest of these bears is known as the rod bear because he literally has a rod up his….you know. Only x-rays can prove if you do indeed have one of the earliest manufactured bears. Odds are you’ll be more than thrilled if you do, because less than 50 currently exist and command up to $30,000 at auction. Those shoe-button eyes have never shined so bright!

Princess Diana Beanie Baby

And at last, we have the most iconoclastic bears of our day. Many of the original Beanie Babies were Happy Meal toys, but now just one legume-filled bear could very well pay for college. A mint condition Princess Diana bear (first edition) sold for $50,000 in 2018. Bears warm our hearts with their plush hugs, but they might just empty our wallets with covetable adorableness.

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