We know your valentine is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So are you!

When all of time and space is at your fingertips, it’s hard not to find a gift that your valentine haven’t already received — in the future or in the past (it’s all rather wibbly-wobbly). Keeping it straight, however, can be incredibly difficult. So we called in a favor from a madman in a blue box to hunt down the best Valentine’s Day gifts to celebrate… well, him.

These are our top five picks to make your favorite Doctor Who fan happier than a Sontaran in a battle to the death. Enough introduction, let’s get into this list! Geronimo!

Make Them Say “Hello Sweetie!”

Make sure you keep this gift hidden until the big day, and don’t let them onto any spoilers. This replica of River Song’s diary is the perfect place for your valentine to record all your adventures together. Thankfully, you don’t have to have your dates in the wrong direction — instead, you can share this journal in order.

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The Gift of Cost Effective Time Travel

Alright, it won’t actually let you travel through time, but it’s the next best thing. This lovely two-pack gives both a Vortex Manipulator and the 10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. We like that this pack has a little something for you and for them. Perfect for pretending you are the Doctor and his (or her) companion.

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A Mysterious Blue Box

If you are a little confused by all this talk of Doctors and time travel, and you’re a little intimidated by trying to pick a gift, why not give your sweetie a mystery box that is guaranteed to be full of things they will love? We think the box must be bigger on the inside with all the stuff they manage to cram into it!

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A Reminder That Time is of the Essence

Unfortunately, we don’t regenerate like Time Lords, so we must live in the moment. This fob watch allows us to remember that very thing. It comes with a necklace, too, in case your date doesn’t have space for the watch (on account of all the other Doctor Who themed gadgets they need to carry). If you’re feeling particularly romantic, you can share and each carry one to help you think of the other.

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A Sonic Screwdriver that does Everything — So Long as it’s Programmable

Every Doctor Who fan wishes they had a working Sonic Screwdriver. Now you can give them a gift that will bring them almost as much joy as meeting the Doctor himself! This replica of the 10th Doctor’s screwdriver is accurate to the show and it can turn on your TV. Buy this and your valentine will be saying “Fantastic!” in no time.

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Written by Gemr
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