Oh! Excuse us! We’re just stepping out of this perfectly ordinary British police box to give you a few gift ideas for the Whovians in your life (we know your hearts are bigger on the inside). We have put together a list of gifts to give to even the most discerning Doctor Who fan in your life. Whether you’re going big or playing it safe, we’ve got the perfect gifts for giving this holiday season. Even a Time Lord would be thrilled to receive any one of our suggested presents! And there’s more. We also want to include a little bonus to all our companions who tag along for the ride, a coupon code for 10% off your total purchase in the Gemr Shop! Just use the code “gemrcheer” on checkout to save a little money on the perfect gift! Geronimo!

Tardis Ceramic Teapot

Tea, anyone? Every Doctor enjoys their tea– and now you can too! This highly detailed ceramic replica of the Doctor’s TARDIS very closely resembles the Smith/Capaldi Tardis with bright blue colors and St John’s Ambulance logo. The beautifully crafted teapot is naturally bigger on the inside than it looks with a 3 cup capacity– Perfect for sharing with all their companions. Delight the Whovian in your life with a TARDIS that’s both attractive, accurate, useful and under $30!

Pour them some tea to sip while they watch! 

Dalek Bluetooth Speaker

“Exterminate!” won’t be the only sound coming from this Dalek! It’s not actually the arch-nemesis of the Doctor, it’s a Bluetooth Speaker! This speaker pairs with almost any Bluetooth device to play high-quality sound– and thankfully not in a Dalek’s monotonous voice. Discerning Doctor Who fans will appreciate the highly detailed, well crafted Dalek that features audio clips including power down, good Dalek, override, and of course, EXTERMINATE! Still not convinced this is the gift for the fan in your life? What if we told you the antennae flashes with the music and the eyestalk lights up?! Don’t let this Dalek strike fear into your heart, pick one up today while they’re still available!

Exterminate their bad vibes with this speaker!

Doctor Who LEGO Set

We’ve got a twofer with this gift recommendation! If you know someone who loves LEGOs and is a huge Doctor Who fan, we’ve got the perfect gift suggestion this holiday season! Relive your favorite Doctor Who memories by recreating the inside of the TARDIS (Matt Smith era) and blasting off into another dimension. The impressive set comes with not one, but TWO Time Lords of Gallifrey, the Eleventh Doctor, and the Twelfth Doctor. But where would the Doctors be without their trusty, beloved companion Clara Oswald? She’s included too! But be on the alert. A Weeping Angel and two Daleks also stalk this authentic replica LEGO set! This rare set is a little costly, but it’s worth it to regenerate the Doctor in this 632 piece set.

I’m building this friendship with LEGOS!

Adipose Plush

Do you have a Doctor Who fanatic for your Secret Santa this year? We’ve got just the budget-friendly option! For less than a movie ticket you can gift an adorable baby Adipose plushie. The pill necklace from Adipose Industries not included, thankfully! This adorable 8.5-inch blob of fat is too cute, and you might just find yourself purchasing two or three for yourself to cuddle up with. Luckily for the giver and the receiver, the Adipose plushie is soft and sweet, and not actually made of fat fat!

Get me a chubby little Adipose for them to hug!

Journal of Impossible Things with Mini Sonic Screwdriver Pen

Hello Sweetie! We have saved the most detailed and perhaps the most coveted gift for last, the Doctor’s Journal of Impossible Things. Not only does the journal contain 78 printed pages, but the 10th Doctor’s screwdriver is also thoughtfully included and reimagined as a pen! Grab a journal today and prepare to fill up the blank pages with your own strange dreams. Or are they indeed just dreams? Whether you are gifting to another — or yourself — this holiday season, these gifts from the Whoverse are sure to please!

Nothing is impossible with this gift!

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