Get Funko-y with your gifts this year!

Shopping for a Funko fan is a strange and delightful experience. There are so many Pop!s to choose from, where do you even start? We think you should start by knowing their fandoms — then it becomes easier to Pop! into a shop and get the best gift ever!

To help you get started, we’ve narrowed it down to five gift types we know any collector would love to recieve. Let’s have some Fun(ko) and get into the holiday spirit!

A Chase Funko of Their Favorite Character

So we can’t exactly put a price on this one… Any Funko fan knows that this is a tall ask. Chase Funkos go for quite a bit higher than their easily accessible counterparts, but that doesn’t mean this wouldn’t be the best gift at the party! Just set a realistic budget before you start — your wallet will thank you. If your recipient is a Star Wars fan like us, might we recommend a delightfully adorable Chase Porg?

Buy the Chase Porg for $29.00

Give Them a Ride

We mean a Pop! Rides, not the kind in your car. We mean, you could do that too, and it would be swell, but this will be even more appreciated. These oversized Funkos can be quite a bit pricier than a regular Pop! and the Funko lover in your life might not have found the time to grab one up. If they’re also a DC fan, we recommend the SDCC-Exclusive Chrome Batmobile pictured above — now that’s a great set of wheels!

Buy the SDCC Chrome Batmobile for $63.99

Well… Any Convention Exclusive for That Matter

Once again, we are talking broad. The best thing about Pop!s is that you can give them to just about anyone! Almost every fandom is represented (Hannibal Lecter, anyone?). The convention exclusives are a great gift because they are only sold at that one con for that one year. They can be really hard to get your hands on, but if you do, everyone will know you’re willing to wade through thousands of nerds for it… or, you know, eBay. If you’re shopping for a Harry Potter fan, we recommend this San Diego Comic-Con 2017 exclusive Harry on his broom.

Buy the SDCC Exclusive Harry Potter on his Broom for $39.99

Entire Case of Marvel Series 1 Mystery Minis

These minis are harder to find than the Watchers. Series 1 has come and gone, but you can surprise your favorite Marvel-loving Funko fan with an entire case! This is perfect if you want to watch someone unwrap your gift, then unwrap their minis. It’s a gift within a gift! If your favorite Funko fan doesn’t like Marvel, take a stroll around the internet. You can find a case of Mystery Minis for just about any fandom!

Buy a Case of Marvel Mystery Minis for $77.99

A Custom Personalized Funko!

Your favorite Funko fan will never see this coming. Imagine it: they open the gift expecting a Pop!. It’s the right size, the right shape, but then… It’s them! How cool would it be to allow someone to add, well, himself to his collection? It’s a bit pricey, but from what we hear, BlocherArt is one of the best, and your Funko fan deserves the best.

Buy a Custom Pop! for $85.00

Written by Gemr
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