We have plenty of Gardening Ideas for Displaying Your Collection

This is art?”  Ever find yourself staring at a seemingly exorbitantly priced piece of artwork while scratching your head, cocking it sideways and squinting to see it from the perspective of whoever deemed it to be a valuable piece of art?  This is what I found myself contemplating this weekend, but I wasn’t in a museum.  Or art gallery.  Or antique dealer for that matter.  Kneeling in a pile of dirt I stared at the wobbly garden bed I’d just planted complete with the feeble beginnings of plants and wondered how this, too, could become my own piece art.  Many people seem to be looking to their outdoor spaces as a way of expression as well.  Whether they have an abundance of space or no space at all, it seems everywhere you turn people are finding ways to intertwine the worlds of art and gardening.  Here are 5 inspiring ways people everywhere are creating and displaying art collections in their backyard.

1.  Bring the Victorian Era back to life.

Tom Mirabile, trend watcher for Lifetime Brands has noted Victorian garden decor as the trend of the season.  What to look for: weathered wood, wire, bird motifs, and anything displaying a 19th century vibe to add a little whimsy.

Victorian Birdcage Planter. (Backyard Diva)

Victorian Tricycle Planter. (Ebay)

2.  Let your indoor collection see the light of day.

Why should your collection be limited to the confines of walls?  Display your collection outside and enjoy it all summer long.

Hanging Teacups Collection

Hanging Teacups Collection. (inked weddings.com)

Vintage coffee can collection. (twomenandalittlefarm.com)

3.  Get inspired by your surroundings.

Start a collection that you’ll really get some life out of with a rustic bird feeder collection like this one.

Collection of birdhouses. (acottagefamily.blogspot.com)

Collection of birdhouses. (acottagefamily.blogspot.com)

4.  Go ahead and be literal.

Incorporate antique farm equipment into your garden. (smallwoodsharvest.com)

5.  “From fence row to fence row”

In the 70’s the Secretary of Agriculture urged farmers to plant crops “from fence row to fence row” to utilize all available space for production.  We’re urging you instead to use all available space for decorating your garden, including the fence.

Hang decorative floral or Mediterranean style plates. (acultivatednest.com)

Create an outdoor collection of mirrors and frames. (motherearthliving.com)

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