Get ready to ROAR About These Awesome Godzilla Collectibles!

Kaiju fans rejoice! Godzilla Monster Planet is about to be released, which means more of our favorite irradiated monster! To celebrate his first adventure in Anime, we went stomping around the internet to dig up some of the rarest (and coolest) collectibles. Get ready Kaiju fans — here are our top 5.

#5 Movie-Exclusive 1994 Bandai Godzilla Forever “Glitter Disco” Edition

This has to be the glitziest Godzilla ever released, and this shimmering Kaiju is incredibly hard to find. It was released with the movie Godzilla Forever and it was rare even then. Many reproductions have been made over the years, so if you want to add this Kaiju to your collection, make sure you do your research — you might be getting a knockoff! This disco monster will set you back around $400, but it will light up any city it destroys.


#4 Aurora Godzilla’s Go-Kart Model Kit

This is the silliest item on this list and it’s one of our favorites. This model kit makes Godzilla look like he’d be right at home in Mario Kart. The little details just crack us up!

Because the King of Monster’s racing career was so successful, Polar Lights released a reproduction several years later, so make sure you are getting the Aurora version if you want the original. Oh, and if you want this Kaiju zooming into your collection, you better be ready to drop at least $500.

#3 1970s Bullmark Battery-Operated Godzilla

This little monster is considered one of the ‘cream of the crop’ toys for Godzilla collectors. The battery operated tin toy is so rare, you probably can’t find it (but it’s still worth trying!). Many Kaiju lovers consider this a must-have for their collections and have been checking eBay for years in the hopes that one will appear. If you’re lucky enough to find this giant monster stomping around your city, don’t expect to pay less than $1,000 for him.

#2 Famitsu Human Sized Godzilla

When it comes to Godzilla collectibles, sometimes bigger IS better. Kaiju are supposed to be giant, and the toys so far are big, but for some of us, not big enough. Enter the Famitsu Godzilla. This bad boy is about 6’ tall and the design is based on the Godzilla vs. King Gidorah suit. This monster could tower over your collection for a mere $40,000. Who needs a new car when you could own the King of Monsters?

#1 Ginza Tanaka solid gold Godzilla

This has to be the single most expensive Godzilla collectible ever made. Nothing else even comes close. Ginza Tanaka is a jewelry company, and for the 60th anniversary of Godzilla’s release, they made a one-of-a-kind 24-Karat solid gold statue of our favorite monster. He stands 9.4” tall, weighs 33 lbs, and (we never thought we’d get a chance to say this) is even shinier than Disco Glitter Godzilla! If you find yourself in awe of this golden marvel, you could have bought him for a Kaiju-sized price tag of $1.5 million. We wish we could smash our piggy bank and take him home, but we’ll just roar with jealousy instead.

Written by Gemr
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