Be the Hero Valentine’s Day Deserves

Don’t be a Joker and forget to give a Valentine’s Day gift to the DC fan in your life! We’ve assembled quite the League of presents for the big day. V-Day doesn’t have to strike fear into the hearts of many, because we’re making shopping easy this year. From the unexpected to the classic, there’s a gift for everyone on this list.

Reverse Flash Ring

If you like it, you then you should put a ring on it! A Reverse Flash locket ring, we mean. Maybe you want to lock it down this Valentine’s Day – and there’s no better way than to say it than with gold alloy. Barry Allen might be the fastest 3rd wheel alive, but you won’t be a Barry this year. No one needs to know you’re secretly rooting for the villain.

Buy for $14

A Crowd of Characters

Perhaps you’re unsure if you should even buy a gift to celebrate V-Day with your sweetie. Maybe they’re too busy fighting crime to have time for a night out. Play it safe with a super chill t-shirt featuring…well, basically the entire DC universe.

Buy for $15

All the Knowledge in the Universe

Well, the DC universe, that is. Show your valentine you love them for their brains with an Encyclopedia of their favorite things. Bonus points: drop some knowledge on bae by browsing a few pages before gifting!

Buy for $24

The Entire League

People who aren’t super fans simply don’t get it. We do. This movie might not have been liked by the critics, but it is more valuable than kryptonite if it makes your favorite fan happy. Bonus points for providing an uber plush Justice League blanket for their viewing pleasure!

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More DC Movies than you can Shake a Batarang At

Long before Batfleck, DC had a rich cinematic history. Present your beloved with THIRTY movies featuring everyone from Batman to the Teen Titans. Looks like you’ve found the perfect excuse to stay inside and cuddle this Valentine’s Day! While epic in proportions, this gift doesn’t come cheap…but seeing your favorite superhero light up as they open a world of DC movies? That’s priceless.

Buy for $212


Written by Gemr
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