If you’re like us, or the people on your gift giving list are — the spooktacular season never ends. Halloween might be when everyone else breaks into the horror, but for some of us, that’s all year round. If you have a friend who is heavy into creeping themselves out, well, this list is for you. Don’t struggle to re-animate the spooky season; we’ve done it for you! These five gifts are sure to terrify and delight at the same time. And we have a surprise that will make you scream — with delight! A coupon for 10% off your entire purchase in the Gemr Shop! Just use the code “gemrcheer” at checkout for this ghoulishly good deal!

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Collection

Horror Gifts Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

What better way to keep the spooky spirit alive than with a collection of stories that scare the socks off of everyone who reads them. They are stories many of us grew up with, and this creepy compilation is the perfect way to relive your childhood — while still spooking yourself good! This collection has all three thrilling books and will fit perfectly into any horror fanatic’s bookshelf.

A little frightful reading is just what they need!

Mezco Toys Trick r’ Treat

Horror Gifts Mezco Toys Trick r’ Treat

This stylized little demon is perfect for their horrific collection. Sam is the embodiment of the rules of Halloween after all. He makes sure justice is served when they are forsaken. We don’t think this little guy will wreak havoc on your friend– at least as long as they respect his domain. Let the creepy little spirit watch over their collection and bring hopefully only joy to their shelf.

Nothing Says Holidays like a Halloween Spirit!

It T-Shirt

Horror Gifts It Shirt

You’ll float too– with delight– when you unwrap this delightfully devious tee shirt. Pennywise looms with his iconic balloon waiting for his next target. Wear your frightful passions on your sleeve this year and offer someone the gift of something most sane people are afraid of — clowns. With the second part coming soon enough…now is the time to bolster your horror-fueled love with a creepy shirt.

You’ll dance with joy when they open up this shirt!

NECA Ultimate Freddy (Part II)

Horror Gifts NECA Ultimate Freddy (part II)

Many fans say that the first Nightmare on Elm Street is the best, and we won’t knock them. But, as far as action figures are concerned, nothing tops the NECA Ultimate Freddy from Part II. This frightening figure has more accessories than you will know what to do with and enough articulation to act out any scene. We hope that you can still sleep when it’s on your shelf, but maybe you will be so enamored you’ll stay up all night to stare — or perhaps to stop the nightmares! Mwahahaha!

Give this nightmarishly good present!

Limited Edition Stranger Things #1

Horror Gifts Limited Edition Stranger Things #1

We got something particularly creepy into our shop, thanks to our friends at Jetpack Comics. See, they slid a stack of rare variant covers for Stranger Things #1 under the door to our office — at least we think it was Jetpack Comics…we hope it was Jetpack Comics! Reading this comic will transport you to the Upside Down — in your imagination! These comics are selling fast so if this is the perfect gift for your horror fan, you better get on your bike and get one quick!

Nothing says you care like a limited edition scare!

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