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Big impression, even bigger stuffed animal

A stuffed animal is the perfect gift for almost any occasion. But sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes you really want –or need– to make a big impression. Well, we here at Gemr have you covered with the five largest stuffed animals that you can gift. Okay, okay…one isn’t actually available for purchase, but you’ll have to read on to see why we just HAD to include it (we only cheated a little!). It’s the thought that counts, right?

Hansa Toys Baby Elephant

Move over sock monkey, a new animal is coming to town — and it’s a giant, no, make that MAJESTIC, baby elephant! Every child with a jungle themed nursery needs this $1,859.90 lifelike stuffed animal. At 46.5 inches tall, you may want to put a helmet on Junior in case they fall off while riding this enormous pachyderm. That’s right, this quality stuffed animal it actually constructed to be substantial enough — and large enough — to be ridden by a small child. Take that, regular plushies.

BMT Jumbo Plush Dog

Red Rover, Red Rover, send puppy right over! You’ll be the star of any birthday with a J-U-M-B-O plush dog. Bonus points: the doggie is surface washable! It really is the deal of the century, too! For only $32 you can purchase a whopping 49-inch tall, brown woofing woofer with a white tummy. Not just relegated to baby gifts, an oversized stuffed dog would also be a perfect present for birthdays and holidays for boys or girls (or “just because” for yourself). We’re keeping this in mind for our next gift swap!

Get your very own Giant Dog!

Big Plush Giant Teddy Bear

This big guy is giving us life — and will certainly make quite the impression on any person lucky enough to be gifted such a ginormous stuffed teddy bear! For $127 you can give one lucky person 60 inches (that’s five whole feet) of giant floofy lovableness. Who needs a bean bag chair when you can have a teddy bear this giant and fluffy?! Toss the couch too, you won’t need anything else to snuggle up on once you’ve got this beige smiling teddy bear by Big Plush. This person-sized teddy is so giant, he even comes with an extra shipping option to send him unstuffed, but we recommend ordering the bear pre-stuffed for maximum impact.

MorisMos Big Plush Giant Teddy Bear

Whelp, we’re going to need a bigger living room to contain this wuv-able stuffed teddy bear! MorisMos has crafted a plush bear that’s over 8 feet tall. To call this stuffed animal oversized would be an understatement! The friendly smiling bear costs $190 so it is an investment, but you get a whole lot of plushie for your dollar! Complete with a velvety nose and life-like brown eyes, this simply gigantic teddy bear is totes huggable and lovable. We’re just not sure how you’re going to get it through the door!

Get yourself a Bear so Big it Won’t Fit Through The Door!

World’s Largest Teddy Bear

The Guinness World Record for largest teddy bear goes to….drum roll please….C.T. Dreams! Dana Warren constructed the world record-breaking bear named C.T. Dreams on June 6, 2008. This mind-bogglingly ginormous bear is 660 inches in length. That’s 55 FEET! This bear may not be available for purchase, but we wish it were. You would never have to give another gift again for any occasion! Now we’re pondering how we would even wrap such a giant teddy bear. Guess we’ll put a bow on it and call it a day.


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