May Your Love Live Long and Prosper

Captain’s Log: February 14. The search for the perfect Valentine’s Day present continues. We have sent a team of red shirts to explore the deep depths of a world known as Amazon, a place one hundred times more dangerous than an actual jungle…to your wallet, that is. While there, the expendable team slogged through strange readings to find an apt gift, and these are the five things they beamed back.

Set your phaser to stun, because you’re about to be shocked by what you can purchase for the Trekkie in your life. Can we help you pick out the perfect Star Trek Valentine’s Day gift? Yes we KHAAAANN! (Sorry, we had to.) Whether they’re a TOS or TNG purist, or even a JJ fan, we’ve got something alluring for all.

Mr. Spock Plush Cat

It’s only fitting that one of the oldest stuffed toy companies, GUND, makes the plush of the future. A Mr. Spock stuffed cat is a logical choice. Live long and pros-purr, indeed.

Buy it for $13

Visit Risa Tank Tops and Tees

Set phasers to fun, because Geek Teez has an entire line of “Visit Risa” tanks and tees for men and women. Everyone knows there’s no better place to take shore leave than the planet of pleasure, Risa. After all, it is one of Riker’s favorite destinations. Risians, take notice, there’s a party coming to town! Why not get a matching set?

Get it for $25

Star Trek Gift Bundle

We’re getting some strange readings, Captain! Shields up, red alert! If you need a last minute gift for a Trekkie and don’t know the first thing about the fandom, we’ve got a solution. Don’t wait for the damage report, you can purchase a gift bundle to cover all major bases. Full blasters ahead!

Buy it for $54

Captain Picard Ceramic Cookie Jar

The man, the myth, the legend…..he’s Captain Picard. Make it so this Valentine’s Day with an unexpected collectible to grace the 21st century kitchen of your Trekkie. Jean Luc Picard never got his hand caught in the cookie jar, but the Trekkie in your life can!

Buy it for $59

Bluetooth Communicator

More exciting than a fully charged fusion reactor, you can now update your Captain’s Log with a bluetooth communicator. Kirk summons the rest of the away team with a simple flick of the wrist. Even though currency (as we know it) doesn’t exist in the future, thankfully it does now, so you can get it for your loved one. If your Prime Directive is to stun your Trekkie with a thoughtful Star Trek gift, you came to the right place. May your love be as compassionate as a human and as fierce as a Klingon.

Buy it for $124


Written by Gemr
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