Make Your Valentine’s Day Super

Every true believer keeps their eyes open for Marvel-ous things. We know you’re your valentine’s favorite superhero, so we want you to keep looking good – no spandex needed. These gifts will keep you off of Shield’s watchlist…and might even put you on the recruitment list for the Avengers.

A Place to Take a Slice Out of Crime

Okay, crime not included, and maybe you should leave that whole thing up to the cops anyway. This will be the perfect place for them to cut their vegetables and meats, though! Your valentine will feel as patriotic as the Capt while they fling carrots into a pot.

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Some Marvel History

If your lover likes his or her heroes wrapped in iron, this is a bit of history that will go a long way. Iron Man started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and these bits of film are iconic. Have Jarvis put it into your Amazon cart right away.

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A Mug to Show Their Morning Mood

Does your lover say it’s a punishment to get out of bed every morning? Well, help them wake up to fight the day with a stylish Punisher mug. Let your sweetie seek vengeance on the hour and get into their good graces with this gift.

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Pillowcases that Prove You’re Stuck Together

Thwip your way right into your valentine’s heart. No Spider-fan will be sad on Valentine’s Day if you swing in with these sweet pillowcases. Make your bed a monument to your feelings – and Spider-man – but mostly your feelings.

By for $30

A Little Love From A Mouthy Merc

Nothing says “I love you” more than a cursing mercenary with a big heart. Just keep Deadpool away from your knives…and anything flammable. Warning: your new clock may occasionally break the fourth wall.

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Written by Gemr
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