Brace yourself: board game night is coming!

Be warned – this isn’t the kind of game night where you gather around a table with a red cup full of your favorite drink. These games cost so much money, they should only be enjoyed with wine in a crystal goblet (well, that’s what we assume anyway…we’re not rich enough to own any of them).

We’re introducing you to some of the most sought-after and expensive games in the world. Any of these games, in unplayed mint condition, are worth so much that you might never want to pick up the dice. Get ready, because we’re about to take a spin down the boardwalk!

Monopoly Luxury Edition

We’ll start you off with something actually attainable – an edition of Monopoly that’s just slightly too rich for our blood. Sure, you could get a less expensive version, but why would you when you can get an insanely luxurious, heirloom-quality edition? Don’t settle for cardstock and laminated cardboard when you can have gold foil stamping and a chic faux leather rolling area. The burl-finished wood cabinet even comes complete with die-cast metal houses and accessories. If you want this version you don’t need to pass go or collect $200; instead, you just have to spend a jaw-dropping $249.99.

Fortune: The Game of Trading and Speculation

Before Parker Brothers unleashed Monopoly into the world, they ruined friendships and marriages with another game: Fortune. Released in 1935, only 5000 of these games were ever produced, but trust us – that’s more than enough. The wooden pieces traverse New York instead of Atlantic City, but it’s an obvious precursor to Monopoly. The name has turned out to be accurate – if you want to own this piece of gaming history you need to spend a fortune. Head straight to the bank because you’ll pay a cool $1,400 for this vintage buy.

Zaza & Sacci Leather Backgammon

$2,195 for a Backgammon set? That’s just how we roll the tournament-sanctioned dice! Zaza & Sacci have produced an ultra-luxe series of backgammon boards featuring green leather, a 24 karat gold plated lock and key, and superior craftsmanship. It’s the perfect set for someone who says ‘to heck with video games, let’s try old-fashioned opulent board games once in awhile.’

Swift Major League Baseball Game

One of the world’s most expensive vintage board games was issued in 1957 by the Swift Meat company and lets you finally excel at America’s favorite pastime. Sure, you might not actually be a home run hitter, but with the Major League Baseball Game, at least you can step up to the plate! It’s so rare to find this board game in good condition that the last one we know of sold for an amazing $2,644. The game was simple and the pieces were just cardboard cards and cutouts, which (obviously) didn’t help them hold up well to use and time. If you find one, you just became the MVP!

Jewel Royale Chess Set

In the game of chess it’s not if your friends betray you, but when. You’ll have to keep an eagle eye on your opponent when you’re playing with the most expensive set in the world. The world’s most expensive chess set is made from gold and platinum, but the opulence doesn’t stop there. Each piece also contains diamonds, emeralds, pearls, and sapphires. The Royle Jewel Company commissioned this sweet set, much to the envy of their friends, for $9.8 million. If you’re invited to play with this set, do us a favor and do not miss game night.

Written by Gemr
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