Give your Gamer A Gift Better Than Cheat Codes

Finding the perfect gift for your player 2 can be tricky. They already have all the cheat codes their heart could desire, and the internet makes finding walkthroughs (or even playthroughs) a snap. Games are always a good choice, but everyone is going to be getting them games, and the likelihood of doubling up goes up quick. So what makes an excellent gift? Well, we have a semi-skippable tutorial to help you get some ideas. If you want to skip, don’t forget to use the code “gemrcheer” to get 10% off all your holiday gifts on the Gemr Shop and click that link at the bottom to see all our awesome gamer gear!

Vault Boy Shirt

Gamer Gifts Vault Boy T-Shirt Image

Has Fallout taken over their life? Are they obsessed with prowling the wastes looking for deathclaws to kill? Maybe they have joined the hordes in Fallout 76. Well, let them show off their love of vault based living with this iconic Vault Boy T-shirt! Anyone in the know will know exactly what this happy little guy means– suffering in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, oh yeah, and kicking butt! It’s not even irradiated!

Add Vault Themed Goodies to Their Inventory!

Super Mario Bros Cartridge Bifold Wallet

Gamer Gifts Mario Walet Image

Maybe your gamer is a retro Junkie. Do they pine for the good old days when games were unforgiving, and lives were scarce? Well, we have the perfect gift. Remind them of their retro roots with this Super Mario Bros wallet! It looks just like the old cartridges. Just remind them that blowing into it won’t make it work better– money isn’t like old tech (sadly).

Let’s Make Their Wallet Retro

SNES Backpack

Gamer Gifts SNES Backpack image

Okay so the wallet is a great start, but once they have such a great game cartridge wallet where do they put it? Well, how about into a brand new SNES backpack. Sure, it won’t make Super Mario play, but the rubberized controller on the front will take them back, and the console shaped pack will give solve their old school nostalgia. To sweeten the deal, this rugged pack can hold their modern gaming hardware with a pocket for a 15-inch laptop– or maybe their Switch, it’s sure to please.

They Like to Carry their Gear in Style!

Street Fighter Ryu Shirt

Gamer Gifts Street Fighter Shirt Image

Old school fighters are always where it’s at. Sure some games hold on to the style, but it’s just never going to be the same. This retro Ryu shirt shows you how to kick like a pro and lay waste to your rivals. Sure it will make your player 2 a better player, but we bet you like a challenge.

Ready! Fight!– Or Just Buy This Awesome Shirt!

Sora Nendoroid

Sora Nendororid image

Have they been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for what feels like a millennia? Have they visited every world and saved every kingdom from the heartless? Have they spent countless hours trying to explain how bad the Kingdom Hearts Series is at counting (KH3 will actually be the 10th game in the series, not including mobile or remakes)? Well, then we have the perfect pint-sized hero for you! This little Sora Nendoroid is tiny but mighty! It captures the iconic Square-Enix style, but makes it cuter! These things come with some serious posability, so don’t assume just because it’s little it packs any less punch!

Nothing Says You Know Them Like Kingdom Hearts!

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