Do you feel that? No, not the holiday spirit, Nick 90’s nostalgia!

We’ve got a severe case of nostalgia for Nickelodeon of the 90’s that only a little shopping can cure. We’ve binge-watched hours of our favorite shows, like Hey Dude and All That, on DVD and YouTube while we put together our sentimental holiday shopping list for all our favorite people. We’ve sprinkled our holiday picks with good cheer and across all price points for a shopping list that will truly make every and any Nick fan on your list thrilled to bits — including yourself. Not only that, but to help spread the cheer, we’re offering 10% off the Gemr Shop for your holiday shopping! Just use the coupon code “gemrcheer” to get a little extra holiday magic!

Aaahh! Real Monsters Ickis Funko Pop

We’ve got a creepy, crawly, stinky, GREAT idea! You don’t even have to search the sewers for an Ickis Funko Pop! We’ve found the purple big eared Pop right here for you to gift the Oblina to your Krumm. Gemr Shop doesn’t accept toenail clippings, though! At less than $10, even The Gromble will have to agree it is a fantastic gift for any Aaahh! Real Monsters fan and Nick 90’s nostalgia nut!

 Get me that monsterous Funko Pop!

Rugrats Reptar Backpack

Everyone will need something to store all their holiday loot in, so may we recommend this backpack featuring Reptar from Rugrats? Adults and ankle-biters alike will appreciate having a dedicated Nick-themed space to stash all their stuff. The chill purple, green, and blue color scheme is perfecto for anyone on your list, too! Nineties fashion is coming back in a big way, and for just $40 you to can participate AND be ahead of the curve.

 Reptar Rules! I gotta have that Backpack!

Rocko’s Modern Life Adjustable Hat

Rocko’s Modern Life was a staple in every 90’s kid’s afternoon, and now this adjustable hat featuring an embroidered Rocko will be a staple of your wardrobe. The denim cap goes with everything — even Dad shirts like the purple and blue one Rocko sports! It’s hard to believe Rocko’s been around for 20 years, but we have a good feeling this gift will last at least another 20 years. You can even snatch one up for $20.

Rocko is awesome! I need that hat!

Hey Arnold Lapel Pin 3 Pack

How about gifting something a little different this year? A little something they don’t already have — and at $10, doesn’t break the bank? Everyone’s favorite fourth grader with the football-shaped head is now available in pin form! Scoop up the Arnold and monobrowed Helga pins before it’s too late! This would be the perfect way to drop a subtle hint if you have hidden feelings for someone like Helga has for Arnold!

 Move it Football Head– you’re the perfect gift!

Nick Rewind 90’s Group Shot T-Shirt

Stop! Don’t choose! Don’t select a fave! With this kelly green shirt, you won’t have to play favorites. All your favorite 90’s Nick Toons are represented from Ren and Stimpy to CatDog — they’re all there in 100% cotton glory. The decal comes perfectly prefaded, but the shirt won’t lose it shape wash after wash. Perhaps this is a little gift to you from you. Self-care at just $20? We’ll take it!

 I can’t pick a favorite Nicktoon! This shirt is perfect!

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