Use the Force to find the best Star Wars gifts in the galaxy

Have you been coming up a little short on ideas for the Rebel or Sith in your life? Don’t worry – we have some inspiration to help give your  Valentine’s Day a new hope (wink, wink).

Here are five gifts that are sure to make even the most hardcore Star Wars fan feel as tingly as Rey encountering a shirtless Kylo Ren.

Rings That Show How Much You Care

Show your Valentine how much you love them with a matching ring set! Both rings say “I love you”…in their own special way, of course. Whether you’re buying for your Princess or your scruffy-looking nerf herder, these rings are sure to win your sweetheart over in less than 12 parsecs.

Buy them for $100

A Mug Full of Love

Wait… that’s no moon! If you aren’t careful, by the time you’re on your way back from the Death Star there won’t be a planet to return to – so make sure you take that special someone with you, just in case.

Buy it for $20

A Rebellious Comforter

Whether this is a gift for their place, or one for the bed you share (which is basically like also gifting yourself – it’s as much for you as it is for them!), the Empire will have no hold on your dreams with this bad boy. Let the Millennium Falcon whisk your Valentine far, far away…into dreamland.

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A Reminder That You’re Never Alone

Even when you can’t be with your Valentine, they’ll know the Force is always there to support them. This simple bracelet goes with any outfit, whether you’re headed out and about or just wrapped up on the couch watching Star Wars. Nothing makes you feel safer than knowing you are one with the Force.

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Their Very Own BB-8 Unit

Cute and functional. Whether your sweetie needs to go to the store or into battle, this little BB-8 unit is the perfect companion for any pilot’s travels. Because we aren’t quite as advanced as they were a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it has to be controlled by an app–but that doesn’t make it any less awesome!

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