Gotta Hug ‘Em All!

Or maybe not. These Pokemon are so rare and so valuable, you might just want to put them back in their Pokeballs and preserve their pristine condition. We love collecting Pokemon, and we adore Pokemon plush even more! These soft monsters give us a way to bring our favorite Pokemon into our lives as more than just a game or tv show.

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If you managed to catch any of these rare Pokemon, congrats! You’re holding onto a toy that won’t pull punches if you put it up for sale.

Limited Edition Pokemon Center Dittochu

This little sneak was originally found hiding in Pokemon Centers across Japan. The Dittochu was limited edition and sold out quickly, making its price climb pretty fast! They are really rare — almost indistinguishable from the original Pikachu (wink, wink), and sell for about $250 on average.

Limited Edition Shiny Gyarados

Everyone loves red Gyarados. This shiny Pokemon is a big star in the fandom, and apparently the plush version is no less cherished. There are newer versions of this Pokemon plush that you can find for as little as $20, but if you got your hands on one of the super limited editions that were only sold in Pokemon Centers in Japan? You could be hanging onto to almost $400 in water/flying goodness!

Limited Edition Life Sized Shiny Magikarp

It’s a Magikarp — how rare can it be? Well, it’s shiny, which helps. But that isn’t what made this Pokemon Plush so hard to find. Like the others, it was only released in Japan at Pokemon Centers. If you would jump at the chance to own this super limited Magikarp, expect to reel it in for no less than $450. That’s right, it is worth more than it’s evolution!

Shiny Legendary Dogs

Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are fan favorites, so it doesn’t surprise us they made the list. Individually, these hard to chase down Pokemon are worth a lot, but as a set they are as rare as, well… legendary Pokemon (Okay, that was a bad one, but we stand by it). These rare pups were given away by lottery at Pokemon Centers and each location was only sent somewhere between 150 to 250. Want to acquire these slippery legendaries? Shiny Raikou starts at about $450 and goes up from there, the last Shiny Suicune sold for just shy of $1000, and Shiny Entei sells for about $600. We haven’t seen a full set for sale together, but we expect you would have to drop a small fortune on them.

Life Size Eeveelution Set

Eevee has been a favorite since the release of Red and Blue. We adore the option to choose what sort of Pokemon you want to evolve it into — not to mention the fact you could pick one up for free in the first game! After over 20 years, there are now 8 Eeveelutions to choose from. Most people have a favorite, and that is where these come in. In super limited quantities, Pokemon Centers released life sized Eeveelutions. Every. Single. One. These puppies are so adorable, we need to hug them all. We wouldn’t recommend it though; these are some of the most valuable Pokemon stuffed animals money can buy. Individually, they sell for between $400-$600 dollars. As a full set, with Eevee included? Well right now you could snag the lot for $6,500 from eBay.

Written by Gemr
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