Stock your doghouse with the rarest Snoopy collectibles!

Welcome to the Snoopyverse, where exuberance and nostalgia are never ending! The Peanuts gang wouldn’t be complete without Charlie Brown’s pet beagle, the always super duper amazing and insightful Snoopy! But he’s so much more than just a pet. Snoopy is a confident adventurer, prolific writer, and bird bestie. Delighting fans since October 4, 1950, Snoopy is timeless and one the most recognizable characters in a comic strip. Ever.

Though ubiquitous and found on all types of merchandise, there is some VERY rare and vintage Snoopy memorabilia that is highly sought after by Peanuts fans. If you’ve managed to get your paws on any of these collectibles, they could put quite a few peanuts in your pocket (we’re here all week)!

Coach X Peanuts Snoopy Doll

Snoopy is never without his pal Woodstock, and you never need to be without this replica of man’s best friend. The ultra-luxe leather pooch can go for over $1,000 — probably because it’s finished by hand and has a custom Coach collar. We’re not saying that’s a ton of money for one of Charles M Schulz’s creations brought to life, but it sure is something to bark about!

1954 Tip Top Comics #185

Collect comics? Love Snoopy? We’ve got just the rare find that you’ll totally covet (if you’ve got the cash)! Even just an average quality copy runs around $1,200 smackeroos! Released just four years after the “birth” of the beloved beagle, the somewhat retro-styled Snoopy is shown with his boy Charlie Brown and the girl you love to hate, Lucy. If you invested in the ten cent cover price back in the early fifties, you’d be rich by now!

Tom Everhart Signed Original Lithograph

For the low price of $900, you can also be the proud owner of the multi-hyphenated Limited-Edition-Original-Hand-Pulled Lithograph signed by none other than Master Artist Tom Everhart. Who’s Tom Everhart, you ask? Only a super important American artist famous for drawing Peanuts renderings. Tom’s as obsessed with the line art style of drawing as Linus is with his blue blankie. And we’re obsessed with this original litho enough to pay the asking price!

Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn & Signed Sketch of Snoopy

Now this is quite the find! You can actually own and (very gingerly) hold this meta work of art in your own hands. It’s a sketch of Snoopy, signed by Schulz inside a first edition of “A New Peanuts Book Featuring Snoopy.” The book itself was published in 1958, already making it difficult to come by — but it’s SIGNED BY THE MAN HIMSELF. The Peanuts pooch is rendered in green ink….and you’ll be green with envy with if you don’t pony up the $1400 for this amazing collectible.

Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Snoopy Charm

Excuse our drool! Snoopy dog got the Cartier treatment as an 18 karat gold charm, and at 1 inch tall, it’s certainly worth its asking price of $3500. It truly is a treasure you won’t find very often….or at all. We’re actually not sure when you’ll ever come across a golden Snoopy nugget again, because they’ve been deemed VERY rare by serious enthusiasts. Adding one to your collection would certainly be something to howl about!

Written by Gemr
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