A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… some comics were made!

With the mouse now holding the Star Wars franchise in his tiny white-gloved hands, we think it’s safe to say we can expect many, many more Star Wars movies. This is great news for fans! There’s a giant galaxy to explore, even if it is far, far away. This surge in popularity also means that all of the old merchandise is going up in value, which is more exciting than narrowly escaping a Sarlacc.

But what about the comics? Star Wars comics might not have the value of the oldest Marvel or DC Comics runs, but there are a few that could net you enough to rescue a slave boy on Tatooine.


Star Wars #42 First Appearance of Boba Fett

Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter eventually has to turn up. He likes to show up late, and he sure loves disintegrating people. Boba Fett didn’t appear in the comics until issue 42 (the answer to life, the universe, and… oh wait, wrong franchise). He took his time, but it’s worth it if your patience won out and you bought the comic. In good condition, it could be worth as much as $350.

Star Wars #2 35 Cent Variant

Marvel decided to try something interesting with its Star Wars comics. They tested out different pricing. The standard release only cost 30 cents; however, a much rarer version was released for 35 cents. They did this for the first four comics to see if people would be willing to pay the higher price (news flash: they were). This looks like a tiny difference, five cents on the cover price, but it makes a huge difference in the value. The common 30 cent version is only worth $100, while the rare 35 cent variant is worth $3,600 today. That five extra cents has made it worth 1000 times the original value!

Star Wars #3 35 Cent Variant

Another price variant comic. You might as well clone the last section and give it Stormtrooper armor. These comics are far rarer than their 30 cent brethren and are far more coveted by collectors. If you have the Star Wars #3 35 cent variant in good condition, you could get as much as $4,500 — if you could bring yourself to part with it.

Star Wars #4 35 Cent Variant

We feel like there’s an echo in here… yep, another price varient. Number four is worth more than two or three, and it’s most likely because Darth Vader is featured on the cover. This rare-priced version sells for as much as $10,000 in near perfect condition. We would happily blow up a planet to get our hands on one.

Star Wars #1 35 Cent Variant

This was the first comic to dive into the Star Wars universe. The first-ever Star Wars comic was released in July of 1977 and quickly became a must-have for any collector. The 35 cent variant is far harder to find and in the highest possible condition, it could make you enough to buy your very own land speeder. The best copy to ever sell made a Wookiee-sized sum of $25,000!

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