Do or Do Not Buy Star Wars Gifts. There is No Try.

Getting gifts for a Star Wars fan can be a chore. It’s impossible to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get authentic items — but thankfully, that’s what the internet is for! In preparation for the holidays, we’ve stocked our shop full of things any Star Wars fan would love, from small to large, figure to apparel, Jedi to Sith. We take pride in offering a hive of scum and villainy for you to browse for the perfect gift!

Stormtrooper Hat

Star Wars Gifts Stormtrooper Hat

If your favorite fan is aligned with the Empire, let them show their loyalty! Nothing will serve them better in the cold season than a beanie shaped like their favorite helmet! We recommend getting them for all of your friends and starting a cold-weather battalion. Or, if your friends are rebel scum, we have plenty of options for them too. We support both sides of the Force around the holidays.

They Know Their Trooper Number By Heart! This Hat is Just What They Need!

Han Solo Bag

No need to say “I know” when you give this Han Solo inspired bag! Every good pilot needs a place to store their stuff, and this bag provides plenty of opportunities. No scoundrel is complete without the perfect bag to carry all their pilfered loot (please note, we don’t condone stealing of any kind — unless it’s stealing hearts (but not the literal kind)). This bag is pretty much guaranteed to help with their swagger, but may also make them look more like a scruffy-looking nerf herder.

They Already are a Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder! This Bag is Perfect!

R2D2 Wallet

Star Wars Gifts R2D2 Wallet

Maybe the Jedi in your life needs a companion who won’t let them down. A droid is perfect for that! But…. also really expensive. So instead might we suggest this trusty wallet which will dutifully protect their secrets — and by secrets, we mean money. Sure it might not fix ships like the real Artoo, but it has all the personality of the feisty little bot!

This is the Droid (Wallet) I’m Looking For!

S.H. Figuarts Han Solo

Star Wars Gifts S.H. Figuarts Han Solo

Okay, so Solo was a bit of a wiggly hand gesture (if we’re being kind). It sort of upset a lot of fans. So let’s help your favorite fan remember everything they love about Han with this highly articulated action figure! S.H. Figuarts makes a heck of a figure, and this one is no exception! This rebel scum will look great on their or even your shelf (sometimes you need to buy yourself a present — we always do). Let them know how much you care with a scoundrel fit for any collection!

It Can’t Make the Kessel Run, But it Will Look Great on Their Shelf!

Boba Fett Backpack

Star Wars Gifts Boba Fett Backpack

Maybe your fan doesn’t choose a side, perhaps their only side is whoever is paying them for the job. A bounty hunter lives by their own code, but one thing they always need is a bag to carry their supplies! This pack is modeled after one of the greatest Bounty Hunters alive, Boba Fett and it will strike fear into the hearts of every rogue or Jedi who sees it. It will fit a laptop up to 15” or a blaster, but remember to get a permit for that sort of use. Just remind them — no disintegration, their targets are more valuable alive.

This Bag Will Make Them a Better Bounty Hunter! I Need it!


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