Raise your Power Level in Love by Giving A Dragon Ball Z Gift!

This isn’t the final form — of your love! We know how hard it is to find gifts for a super DBZ fan. Luckily, we’re here to help make you the most powerful gift giver your valentine has ever seen (yep, we’re talking power level over 9000!).

These five gifts are sure to grant your sweetheart’s every wish this Valentine’s Day.

A Battle Royale of Funko Pops

Fill your lover’s heart and their shelves this Valentine’s Day. This funko set contains most of the heavy hitters from DBZ. You might have to keep them separated to keep the fight from spilling out into the neighborhood, but they sure will look good lined up in your room.

Get all 5 for $55

A Wallet for Their Championship Earnings

We know your valentine is a champion. Heck, they would have to be to snag someone as great as you, right? So give them a Dragon Ball Z wallet to hold all that championship cash–or just the cash they get from their day job. It’s good for both.

Buy it for $15

Proof They Trained With The Master

This shirt will give your valentine bragging rights among their friends. Everyone wants to train with Roshi, and now your Super Saiyan can claim they have. Is it a little bit of a lie? Maybe. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Buy it for $19

The Most Powerful Hoodie in the Universe

Actually, a lot of powerful hoodies! So many, in fact, you might think you wound up on the Saiyan homeworld (if it hadn’t been destroyed). You can buy one for every day of the week. It would be expensive, sure, but it would basically guarantee your favorite Dragon Ball Z fan would be the coolest person in town. Just one of these hoodies will let everyone know your sweetie’s favorite anime while still keeping them looking good.

Buy it for $36

Grant Their Wish

No gift could be better than a wish come true. While these might not summon Shenron, they will definitely show your favorite person that you would go to the ends of the earth for them. How else would you have collected every single dragon ball?

Buy it for $60


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