Make your friends scream with a terrifying Halloween costume!

Feeling a little tapped out when it comes to creepy considerations for costumes this year? Are you looking to terrify more than delight this Halloween season? Well, we’re masters of horror here at Gemr, and it’s about time we shared that expertise with all of you. So we’ve gone digging through our spooktacular costume drawer and pulled out five scream-worthy suggestions to fill your Halloween with terror — for others, that is. The best part, no fake blood needed… unless you want to.

What Happens to Bats in Hell

Imagine encountering this thing on a dark night (spoiler alert: no thank you)! We’d probably run away screaming and not stop until we were safely hidden under the covers. This costume might be a little on the pricey side, but it’s totally worth it to be the scariest person at the party. Don’t hesitate to put it on and wait in the coat closet for some unfortunate fool to find you. MWAHAHAHAHA!

I’m Feeling Batty

Embrace the Void, Be the Void

Sometimes the best costumes are merely a bodysuit and glowing eyes. Just looking at this costume freaks us out. It’s like looking into the void, only this time, the void stares back. Just stepping out of the darkness to the door of the party might scare off your host. Not to mention all the kids who come looking for treats (oh well, more sugar for you). Just be careful. Inviting the void into your life can have dangerous side effects — like being hard for cars to see — so stay on the sidewalks.

I’m Ready to Embody Darkness

Send in the Flying Monkeys

These things always freaked us out! Honestly, the Wicked Witch of the West didn’t do it, but her flying monkeys absolutely did. This super realistic costume will have all your friends really freaking out. Bonus points if you move around on all fours and monkey screech. Trust us. It will terrify young and old. No one wants to get carried off by one of these creepy things — even if Oz looks like a cool place to hang out.

Dorothy Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Embody the Undead

There are a lot of zombie makeup tutorials out there, but maybe (like us) you don’t have the skills of NsomniaksDream, and you would rather work with what you’ve got. Well, a hyper-realistic zombie costume might do it. Crawl up to the door of the party for the best effect. Also, remember to work on your zombie sounds before you go for added effect. No one will want to get near you — in fear of becoming one of the undead.

Undead is Awesome

Send in the Clowns

Pennywise isn’t the only clown that freaks us out! Okay, most clowns freak us out, but some more than others. Like this creepy clown killer. There is no better way to clear a room than to creep into the corner of a party and just wait for people to notice. Want to be first in line at the drink table? Start laughing uncontrollably. With this costume and all that laughter, they will clear out quick.

Send me to the Circus


Written by Gemr
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