Everyone favors the trio of Harry, Hermione, and Ron (of course they do — they’re the main characters), but Harry Potter offers a massive cast of secondary characters to choose favorites from. We feel that many of these exceptional characters just don’t get enough love. There are a few side characters who have their own groupies — Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood has a strong following (well deserved), as does the helpful, but sometimes misguided house-elf, Dobby (again, exceptionally well deserved). But the characters we want to remind you of aren’t quite so oft remembered.

We’ve done some digging and rounded up the Potterverse’s most underrated characters. Our top five characters personify what it means to be brave in the Wizarding World and, with closer examination, play an even more significant role in events than many people remember. Read on for an overview of our favorite underrated characters that should hold a special place in every Potterhead’s heart! (Warning: spoilers below if you haven’t finished the series!)

Nymphadora Tonks

You might remember this talented Metamorphmagus better as Tonks (don’t call her Nymphadora), but if you’re like us, you shed a tear when she gave her life at the Battle of Hogwarts. She was an incredible woman who loved Remus Lupin even though she knew he was a werewolf, and that was trés taboo to most of wizarding society. She was killed by her aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Remus fell in the same battle. They left behind an orphaned infant son, Teddy. We’re still not over it. As a member of the Hufflepuff house, she personified their traits of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. This tough as nails young Auror was entrusted to guard Hogwarts after He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’s return. Her hair may have changed colors regularly, but she was steadfast in her devotion to the Order of the Phoenix. Not only is Tonks an incredibly talented Auror, but she was so dedicated to the cause that she paid the ultimate price.

Madam Pomfrey

In a school chock full of student wizards and witches learning new spells and encountering magical beasts for the first time, Hogwarts better have one heck of school nurse. From commonplace Quidditch accidents to eliminating Death Eaters, she is present and prepared to serve the Hogwarts’ students and teachers. Madame Pomfrey can mend seemingly complicated injuries in just a heartbeat, and even helped Hermione after an unfortunate incident with Polyjuice Potion. The students of Hogwarts trust Madam Pomfrey for her amazing medical prowess, and for her discretion when young witches and wizards stray outside the approved curriculum. We would want her as our nurse any day! Regardless if her patients got injured doing something they weren’t supposed to (Hermione, we’re looking at you) Poppy Pomfrey tends to her patients without asking embarrassing questions.

Filius Flitwick

Ah, Professor Flitwick — small in stature, big in magical abilities! The diminutive Filius Flitwick often goes overlooked among bigger professor personalities like Professor McGonagall and Severus Snape, but he holds many important titles at Hogwarts and is entrusted by Dumbledore to cast life-saving spells and charms against Lord Voldemort. What many don’t know is that this powerful professor is part goblin. This exposed him to intolerance when he was younger and he approaches all students kindly and with understanding because of it (which is extra helpful to people like Harry Potter, who was often out of place amongst his classmates). While he is considered a more relaxed teacher than many, his methods prepare students for their future lives in a way that keep them excited about learning. In addition to holding the title of Charms Master at Hogwarts for many years, he’s also Head of Ravenclaw House, former Dueling Champion, and Conductor of the Frog Choir. Professor Flitwick is a talented Wizard who never gets enough credit for all he does for Hogwarts and its students!

Fleur Delacour

Surely she should receive more recognition than just being the beautiful part-Veela from Beaubaxtons Academy of Magic! She was a CHAMPION from Beaubaxtons. She was nominated for the Triwizard Tournament and therefore the very, very, very best student. She was diligent and cleaver in the face of peril, both in the Tournament and in her life after. When she fell in love she was steadfast in it. She was madly in love with Bill Weasley and saw past his gruesome injuries from an attack by Fenrir Greyback. She not only competes bravely in the Triwizard Tournament, but Fleur also fought fearlessly to defeat Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Fleur was introduced as a distant, beautiful, untouchable maiden, but proved she was so much more.

Sybill Trelawney

Poor Professor Trelawney! Perceived as a fraud by some of her students (Hermione, you came from Muggle parents and this is what you choose not to believe?), she is actually a very gifted seer and great-great-granddaughter of renowned seer Cassandra Trelawney. Not even introduced until the third book, she — CORRECTLY, mind you — prophesied Lord Voldemort would be defeated by Harry Potter. Her gift of the Inner Eye also leads to her second prophecy about Peter Pettigrew rejoining Lord Voldemort to help him regain physical form once again. Professor Trelawney took a good deal of abuse from Dolores Umbridge, but continues to live at Hogwarts. She eventually returns as co-professor of Divination along with Firenze. The petite yet fearless teacher also battles Death Eaters at the Battle of Hogwarts and survives!

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