Don’t Get in a Funk(o) — Get The Perfect Gift!

Giving the perfect gift is hard. Giving the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is almost impossible – luckily, we’ve got you covered! Everyone loves a sweet sweet Funko POP! so we delved deep across six fandoms to find the perfect rare vinyl figure that’s sure to knock your sweetie’s socks off. Whether you’re gifting to a romantic love, your bestie or a family member tell them you love them with a Funko.

A Nerdy Little Mermaid

A Disney fan doesn’t need dinglehoppers, whosits, whatsits, and thingamabobs. They just want to spend time with those they love…. okay, okay, and perhaps a small trinket. This super rare Nerd Ariel Funko POP! just wants to be where the people are. So take her home to your loved one!

Buy for $75

A Rare Symbol of Patriotism

Want to impress the comic book fan in your life this Valentine’s Day? Present them with a Funko they could only wish to get their hands on. This Funko is so rare, even a DC fan would be impressed! The unmasked version of Cap was only available at 2015’s SDCC, but we were able to track one down just for this special occasion.

Buy for $216

A Creepy Captain

Do you and your sweet thing share a love of the macabre? Love to be afraid? Look no further than a POP! of Johnny Lee Jones, aka Captain Spaulding himself as a delightfully horrifying addition to your Valentine’s Day plans. We know this isn’t right for everyone, but those that love horror it will scream — with delight.

Buy for $90

A Nerd Wearing a Nerdy Shirt

Viola! We’ve hit upon two major fandoms with one super fantastic gift! Introducing Star Trek Sheldon! As if all this weren’t enough, he is is incredibly hard to find, so bonus points for you. This Valentine’s Day, show the love of your life you adore them in a way that would impress even Sheldon. Two to beam up!

Buy for $239

A Grumpy Saiyan

Yep, that’s right: we’re Saiyan we’ve found the perfect gift for any Dragon Ball Z fan this Valentine’s Day. Present the bae with this rare and expensive Vegeta figure they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Don’t wait! Quickly Goku to this link and impress your anime adoring honey today!

Buy for $100


Written by Gemr
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