You Might Not Give Your Love the Dreamhouse, but These Gifts are Sure to Impress

It’s a love story as old as time (well, as old as 1961, anyways) – the ultimate power couple, Barbie and Ken. This Valentine’s Day, show your babe how much you appreciate her (or him, we don’t judge). Indulge your sweetie’s passion with a Barbie themed gift they’ll never expect. You’ll be their Ken in shining armor this February 14th!

Barbie Gifts Teeshirt with image of Barbie and quote "Slay all day"

The Gift of Slaying

Sometimes you just have to wear your heart on your sleeve…or, in this case, emblazoned on a t-shirt. This tee will remind them that it’s okay to be fantastic all the time! Make sure they know how much you care, and show them that you know them. Nothing says love like Barbie!

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A Match Made in China

Show your valentine that you’ll always be the Ken to their Barbie (or vice versa. Or both). As iconic as Will and Kate, Ashton and Mila, and Will and Jada, these two just GO together. The dynamic duo of Barbara Roberts and Kenneth Carson is the perfect gift; even if your love already has a few, we doubt they have them together like this!

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The Perfect Closet

We’ve got a two-fer here! Barbie is nothing without her accessories, and your favorite fan is sure to have tons of shoes and tiny purses cluttering up her space. Contain the chaos with an organizer especially designed for our favorite plastic fashionista. Bonus points for stocking the accessories case with MORE fashions!

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A Union of Fashion and Music

It’s an MP3 player, it’s a doll, and it’s alll Barbie! Who needs a clunky iPod (okay, we know no one has an iPod anymore) when it could be a Barbie? MP3 Barbie even comes with mix and match clothing! That’s more than you can say about your phone.

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The Perfect Wedding Chariot

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones people wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves. Win your lover’s heart with a quad-fecta (is that a thing? It is now) of Barbie, pony, bride, and princess. Did we also mention it’s rare and therefore increases your Barbie cred? Expect to pony up a bit of cash to win your loved one’s heart with this perfect gift.

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