Gotta Give ‘Em All — The Pokemon Gifts, That Is

Your Pokemon Master has been catching ‘em all for years. They have a lot of really cool stuff already, and that can make it hard to find the right gift. We want your Valentine’s Day to be as legendary as Lugia and as magical as a Fairy type, so we went hunting in the tall grass and in some serious caves (we had to teach an intern Flash) to find the perfect gifts for the Pokemon lover in your life.

Our journey put us to the test, but it was successful! We filled a lot of our Pokedex in the process. This year, give your Valentine something truly Onix-pected (come on, that was a good one, right?). Here are our top five picks.

Set of Pokemon Badges

You know your Pokemon Master is the champion of your heart. Make them the champion of a league as well! You can get these badges in several different regions, so pick their favorite and pin them down.

Buy for $14

A Place to Grow Feelings — and Succulents

This little Bulbasaur planter is perfect for a Pokemon Master who loves grass types…or, you know, plants. Give them the the coolest planter around, and if they raise it well enough, who knows? Maybe it will evolve.

Buy for $18

A Pack For Their Adventures

Every Pokemon Master goes on a lot of adventures. Hunting down Pokemon doesn’t happen from inside a house, after all. Give your Valentine a place to put all their adventuring needs. Just make sure they know not to walk into the tall grass (there might be Joltiks).

Buy for $15

Grant Their Wish!

Okay, well this stuffed Jirachi might not grant wishes like the real one, but it sure is cute enough to make up for that! This one also doesn’t sleep for 1000 years at a time, which means they get to keep it year round. We think that’s a pretty good trade-off.

Buy for $30

Pikachu in Love

When it comes to your Pokemon Master, we want you to be able to confidently say “I choose you!” — and these loving Pikachu seem to sum up that sentiment pretty darn well. And let’s face it — there’s nothing better than pairing perfect Pokemon with flowers and romance.

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Written by Gemr
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