The Value of these Wands is Magical

When you buy a wand from the Harry Potter universe, you don’t really expect it to become valuable. They tend to be a display piece, or if you’re into cosplay or Halloween, a prop. Sometimes you buy a wand because you wish very hard not to be a Muggle any longer — and The Wizarding World in Universal Studios helps with that. But sometimes, by happenstance or by Felix Felicis, some of these wands become very coveted collector’s pieces and skyrocket in value.

We found our way into Diagon Alley and have been investigating these rare wands. To be fair to the competition, we ruled out screen used wands and kept it to wands most people could afford to buy. We brought that information back to the Muggle world to share it with all you Potterheads, because everyone deserves to know if their wand is worth something!

Lucius Malfoy’s Snake Headed Wand/Cane by the Noble Collection

Perhaps one of the most interesting and unique ways of storing a wand in the entire movie franchise was Lucius and his snake-headed cane. When in danger or on the attack, he drew his wand from the cane and was immediately ready. The prop replica is silver plated and its eyes are genuine crystal, making it a stunning showpiece and an even more stunning prop. However, the most stunning part is that it is now worth about $160! It’s not a huge growth over its selling price of $120, but it’s enough to assume that it will continue to grow in value.

Harry’s Wand from Japan

If you are lucky enough to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan, you might want to stop in and pick up Harry’s Wand. Because the packaging changes overseas, it is highly collectible. While finding a Harry Wand is easy, one with the Japanese Text on the box is much harder. This wand can sell for as much as $180! Accio tickets to Japan!

Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter Celebration Wand 2018

Every year Universal Studios throws a celebration of all things Harry Potter — which is the most magical thing we’ve ever heard. This celebration usually includes revealing new movie details or letting us know about a new video game that will be coming out. It’s really, really cool. The other thing they do every year is release a commemorative wand. They only release 1000 of each, meaning it’s very, very hard to come by. Fans clamor to add them to their collection. Well, if you were lucky enough to attend in 2018, your investment is paying off already! These exclusive wands can sell for as much as $160!

Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter Celebration Wand 2017

Did you really think only one of these wands would make the list? This wand is a little older — and a lot more valuable! We wouldn’t be willing to part with ours, but if you can bring yourself to get rid of that magical item you’ve been keeping, you could make some serious cash. The 2017 Harry Potter Celebration wand sells for as much as $375!

Harrods Blu-Ray Chest with Elder Wand

If you wanted this, you better have waited in line when it came out, because it’s breathtaking– and there are only 300 in existence. The price on this is a little deceptive, and we have to be upfront about that. The chest under this stunning Elder Wand holds all eight movies on Blu-ray, which does add to the price to be sure. It was only sold in England, so if you are a US collector the only way to get one was to be there, or buy it after the fact. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on this rare chest, you have the most valuable wand in the wizarding world — and not just because it’s the Elder Wand. The set sells for a staggering $400 and rarely if ever, goes up for sale.

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