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Rule the seven seas with these Aquaman collectibles.

We first met him in 1941’s More Fun Comics #73, he’s starring in this year’s Justice League movie, and he’s the star of a highly anticipated movie in 2018….he’s Aquaman!

Once an underrated superhero, Aquaman’s popularity has soared again, thanks to DC’s highly anticipated relaunch of their entire superhero line, the New 52. As the son of lighthouse keeper Tom Curry and the Atlantean Atlanna, half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry can communicate telepathically with sea animals and compel water to do his bidding — not bad for a guy who probably smells like fish, huh? And while Aquaman relies on his superhuman strength and indestructible trident to battle his archnemesis Black Manta, you might need a few superpowers of your own to scoop up these amazing Aquaman collectibles.

Aquaman Funko

6. Aquaman Funko

Available in December 2017, the Entertainment Earth exclusive glow-in-the-dark Funko figures will be available for all of the original Justice League members. They’re basically the cutest (and most heroic) little nightlights you could ever dream of. We’re betting these will go quicker than Aquaman can swim the 7 seas!

Aquaman #29

5. DC Comics AQUAMAN #29

Aquaman encounters the villain Ocean Master for the first time in DC Comic’s Aquaman #29.  Even cooler? An ungraded, but still OK-condition first printing of the comic will only set you back about $40 clams.

Aquaman Statue

4. Aquaman Statue

This splashy 1:6 scale DC Collectibles statue is a limited edition piece. Only 5200 statues of the King of Atlantis (sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios) were ever produced. Instead of his traditional trident, Aquaman is featured here with a quindent (let the debate commence).

Aquaman Statue

3. Aquaman Porcelain Statue

DC Direct only produced 1500 hand painted cold cast porcelain statues of Aquaman. Award-winning sculptor Tim Bruckner depicts Aquaman riding a crest of water with trident in hand, and trust us, we’d love nothing more than to dive into the depths and swim away with this dynamic depiction.

Aquaman Figure

2. Aquaman Figure

Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format™ figure is 24 inches of raw oceanic magnetism. No Aquaman figure worth its sea salt would be featured without an enchanted trident, and he’s depicted here wielding his weapon in all his regal aquatic glory. Plus, the iconic green and gold costume will glint under the light of your display case.

Fun Comics 73

1. More Fun Comics #73

Recently rediscovered in a midwestern closet (we can’t make this stuff up), a CGC certified Very Fine 8.0 copy of More Fun Comics #73 goes to auction this month. In case you’ve been hiding in a dry desert, issue #73 marks the FIRST appearance of not only Green Arrow, but our hero Aquaman as well. Recently, another 8.0 copy of More Fun Comics #73 sold for $99,000 — almost 1 million times its original cost of 10 cents. We’re pooling our pennies here at Gemr to make the opening bid!

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