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Get Ready for the Fastest Collectibles Around

If you’re like us, you’ve been following The Flash on CW with all the excitement of a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. So it’s not hard to believe we’re SUPER excited to see the newest iteration of our favorite speedster in the upcoming Justice League film!

We’ve been zooming around the Gemr offices in anticipation, and happened to stumble upon 6 of the flashiest Flash items you would ever want. If we could go back in time like the speedster, we’d totally speed back to 1940 to pick up #1 on this list…but let’s not race ahead of ourselves.


6: SDCC 2011 Reverse Flash Exclusive: ZOOM

Alright, alright, so this isn’t actually Flash — but it IS his arch nemesis, so we think it still counts. There aren’t many Flash exclusives out there, so this (literal) bad boy is a really awesome find. Only 4,000 were ever made and they were only sold at San Diego Comic-Con, which makes it a pretty rare find. The best news? Even though so few were ever made, they’re still (relatively) cheap — you only need to find $50 or so to own him!

Kenner Flash

5: Kenner Super Powers Flash Figure (1984)

This scarlet speedster isn’t going to set you back a lot of dough, which we love. The Kenner Flash is relatively common, but if you’re a collector, you’ll want to own this figure for the sheer nostalgia factor. Kenner has made many iconic figures over the years and most of them gain value over time. The good news for Flash fans is that this action figure is still attainable to collectors on a budget. You can find it Mint On Card for about $50.

Hot Toys Flash

4: Hot Toys Justice League Flash 1:6 Scale Figure

This figure is so exciting, so cool, and completely unattainable…well, only unattainable for now, because it hasn’t been released yet! Every collector knows that Hot Toys makes some of the best 1:6 scale figures on the market, and this speedster looks like no exception. The articulation is killer, and it looks just like Ezra Miller! We love that you can pose him to recreate the pivotal moments in the movie (and that he comes with more hands then you can hold). We can’t wait to get our paws on it, and at $228, it won’t break the bank!

Sideshow Flash Statue

3: Prime 1 Studio: Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive The Flash Statue

It seems like all the best Flash stuff is not quite here yet. Prime 1 is giving us an AWESOME new scarlet speedster statute for our hall of heroes in late 2018. The sculpt on this figure is truly special — it feels almost alive the way it zooms across the exploding street! This beauty of a statute will set you back a bit more — it’s going for $699 to get the Sideshow Exclusive version, and has an LE of 500.

Showcase #4

2: Showcase #4

Now we’re getting into the really impressive stuff. This, while not a dedicated comic, is his first appearance in the Silver-Age. It’s considered by many collectors to be a key comic, and the price is definitely reflective of that. If you happen to get your hands on a copy in good condition, it could be worth as much as $179,000!

Flash Comics 1

1. Flash Comics #1: First Appearance

We’ve reached it, folks! The holy grail of Flash collectibles! This is the one comic that a Flash fan would fight any villain (Grodd, ZOOM, you name it) to get their hands on. While it’s titled Flash Comics, this book actually introduced 5 heroes to the world: The Flash, Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, The Whip, and Cliff Cornwall. While all these heroes are pretty awesome, unless you’re a huge DC superfan, you’ve probably only heard of two of them. If you’re lucky enough to find a copy in good condition, you could be looking at a payday of up to $450,000 — that is, if you were willing to part with it (we wouldn’t be)!

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