Justice League Cyborg

We can’t wait to meet Cyborg in the upcoming Justice League movie!

Thanks to scientist parents merging his damaged body with advanced alien technology (and a little tinkering of his own), Victor Stone is DC’s resident half human/half machine. With the ability to hack into external computers and quickly regenerate his mechanical parts, Cyborg is an important ally to Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Superman.

For now, he’s part of an ensemble, but we can’t wait until this cybernetic guy gets his own standalone film in 2020! Can Cyborg hack into JARVIS? Well, we’re not sure about that, but we know the following items are half toy, half collectible — and all awesome.

Cyborg Origins6. SDCC Exclusive Justice League™ Cyborg™ Origins Figure

Watch Victor Stone transform into the Cyborg! The 6-inch highly detailed action figure suspended in mysterious Mother Box packaging will save your collection just like Dr. Silas Stone saved his son using alien technology. Cyborg’s deluxe features aren’t just for show, either — a button at the base activates a red LED light in his left eye and torso. With 20 points of articulation, collectors can recreate their favorite scenes from Justice League and more!

Cyborg Funko

5. Funko POP TV: Teen Titans Go! – Cyborg Action Figure

One of the five founding members of the Teen Titans, Cyborg gets the Pop! Vinyl treatment here and it’s absolutely adorable. Half man, half machine never looked so cute! Any collector will consider themselves lucky if they own this playful take on a Justice league hero.

Cyborg Statue

4. Cyborg ArtFX+ Statue

The fifth and final AFTFX+ Justice League “New 52” statue is highly detailed and features Cyborg’s iconic cybernetic mechanisms and powerful right arm weapon. The 1/10th scale collectible is available at major retailers and is guaranteed to make any owner say “Booyah!”

DC Comics #26

3. DC Comics Presents #26 (Oct 1980, DC)

Featured for the first time in DC Comics Presents issue #26, 1980 was the year of Cyborg. He may have been half machine, half man, but this 9.6 CGC graded comic is almost 100% pristine. You can own this important origin issue for a comparatively low price of $319.95 — not bad for a piece of history! DC universe enthusiasts will also enjoy many more stories in Cyborg’s origin issue featuring Superman, Wonder Girl, Green Arrow, Batman and Wonder Woman (among others).

Cyborg Action Figure2. Cyborg Action Figure

Produced in 1986 and designed by artist George Perez, the cyborg action figure by Kenner is worth $350 if it’s still in the packaging. One of the rarest figures in the Super Powers Line, Cyborg features power action thrusting arms and three attachments. We’re feeling more powerful just looking at it!

Cyborg Sideshow Statue1. Sideshow Collectibles Cyborg Statue

Not even available until early 2019, this 23 inch tall statue by Sideshow Collectibles retails for a whopping $749 — and we think it’s worth every penny. Sideshow Collectibles partnered with Prime 1 Studio to create this amazing statue, complete with right arm sonic cannon and right arm hand cannon. Available for pre-order now, don’t miss your chance to add this detailed piece to your DC collection and become your own hero!

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