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Holy Merchandise, Batman!

Being a Batman fan is about as good as it gets if you’re looking to collect awesome hero stuff.

Batman gets all the coolest action figures and incredible gadgets (as he should — he’s Bruce Wayne!); however, not all collector’s items are created equally. Anyone can get their hands on a figure or two, but the things on this list go way beyond your day-to-day collectibles. We’ve been hunting the streets of Gotham in search of the most extreme things any Batfan could get their hands on, and here are six that we’re pretty sure every fan of the caped crusader would want.

Mego Batman

6: Mego Batman 12” (1976)

This one is a no-brainer! Mego Batman is the first official Batman action figure. Sure, there was a costume released for Action Man before this, but that doesn’t really count. Despite the somewhat “uncanny valley” feel of his expression, we would love to have this in our collection. They aren’t super hard to find, but if you want one in good condition and still in the box, expect to pay up to $500 for it.

Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

5: UD Replicas Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

Ooh, now we get to talk about the flashier stuff! If you’re a fan of Batman and you love motorcycles, this one is definitely for you. However, UD Replicas only made 450 suits, so finding one secondhand that’s in your size (and doesn’t smell funny) might be a little bit tricky. Difficulty of getting one aside, just think about how cool you would look cruising through Gotham in this bad boy! You would definitely be mistaken for Batman, which is about as awesome as it gets. Originally you could get a complete set for $1,200, but the only set that we could track sold for $2,000 in 2017 — so you better be really dedicated to the Batman look if you want one of these.

Sideshow Legendary Batman

4: Sideshow Collectibles Legendary Scale Batman

We actually talked about this gigantic statue when it was first revealed by Sideshow at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, but we’re still so hyped, we have to bring it up again. It’s not even slated to ship until September or October of 2018, but you can pre-order it now (and we have). This caped crusader is 43” tall and weighs a whopping 40 lbs, but think about how jealous it will make your friends as it looms over them in your living room! This intimidating statue will cost you $2,300, but you would have to be batty not to want one.

Fiberglass Freaks

3: Fiberglass Freaks 1966 Batmobile LX

Okay, nothing would be cooler than owning your very own Batmobile. The good news is that Fiberglass Freaks makes an exact replica of the 1966 version that will blow your mind! It’s officially licensed and has 525 HP, so not only will you own the coolest car in your entire state, but it will MOVE! To get your hands on this Bat-tastic ride, you need to be willing to cough up $249,999. If that’s a bit rich for you, you might want to look into their more modest SE model for a mere $124,999. What a steal!

Batman #1

2: Batman #1 (1940)

The Batmobile is decidedly cool, but this collectible makes it look like a reprint. This is the first standalone Batman comic! Just looking at this makes our inner nerd scream with happiness. This comic introduced not only The Joker, but also Catwoman as well — meow! It’s amazing that these villains (well Catwoman is questionable given the current DCU storyline) are still two of the most recognizable in Gotham. If you happen to have this comic in good condition, you’re holding $400,000 worth of history.

First Batman Comic

1: Detective Comics #27

We’ve made our way through Gotham’s finest Batman loot, and now we’ve reached the holy grail. If you’re lucky enough to own this comic, first: you have our mad respect, and second: you own the second most valuable comic in the world! This is the first appearance of Batman. To be honest, we would be scared to breathe near it for fear of damaging this treasure! In good condition, it’s worth an incredible $1.2 Million. That could buy you your very own Batcave — but we recommend you hold onto it instead.

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