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It’s been months and we’re still geeking out about how awesome Wonder Woman is.

Regardless of how you feel about the DCEU, we can all agree that Gal Gadot was INCREDIBLE, right? Now we’re so pumped about Justice League that we’re going to fly into the theater at the earliest opportunity.

To pass the time until opening night, however, we’ve been wrapping the Lasso of Truth around the internet to get it to reveal the 6 best Wonder Woman collectibles. After a good spar, we imported this list straight from Themyscira so that you too can appreciate how wonderful they are!

Wonder Woman Hot Cycle

6: Wonder Woman Hot Cycle (1979)

Some of you might remember hot cycles. Well, this one is so rare, collectors fall all over themselves for the chance to own just a piece. So, how much would you stand to gain if you had one of these sick rides? Well, to be honest, we’re not entirely sure. See, the last one sold back in 2011 and it didn’t even have the tricycle! Someone bought the empty box for almost $200, so just imagine what the trike would sell for!

Wonder Woman Pink Lunch Box

5: Wonder Woman Pink Metal Lunch Box (1980)

This may seem like an interesting choice for our list, but stick with us — this lunch box is way cooler than you might think. It was only released in Brazil and the art was hardly ever used on merchandise. This lunch box is coveted by Wonder Woman collectors for those reasons — and, of course, how stylish it makes you look. It came with a bowl and a lunch tray, but finding the set intact is extremely rare. If you manage to get a complete set, it’s worth $1,200!

Wonder Woman Board Game

4: Wonder Woman Board Game by Hasbro (1967)

Okay, who wouldn’t want a Wonder Woman Board Game? This is so cool, we wish we could be playing it right now! Sadly this game isn’t going to be at our next game night, but a well-worn copy might be within your price range (you can get one for around $150 on eBay). A new copy? Well, hat’s a little different. Right now, a sealed version sells for about $2,500!

Wonder Woman #1

3: Wonder Woman #1

I think it’s obvious why this is on the list. This is the first ever solo comic for Wonder Woman. The comic has four short stories that really set Diana apart as a hero to watch. Finding Wonder Woman #1 in good condition is a challenge for even the most passionate of collectors, however. Most of them are graded pretty low (and still sell for over $10,000!!!), but high graded copies have sold for as much as $291,000! So start saving your pennies if you want to own one of these, kids.

Sensation Comics Wonder Woman
2: Sensation Comics #1: The First Wonder Woman Cover

Okay, this one is so cool, we’re STILL drooling over it.  This issue was the first time Wonder Woman ever had her own cover. She stole the hearts of comic fans and would eventually go on to be in the trinity of DC Comics. When this issue was released, no one knew that Wonder Woman would become such a central piece of DC lore. A copy in near perfect condition sold for $399,000 in August of 2017 and the value is only going up!

First Wonder Woman Comic
1: All Star Comics #8: The First Appearance of Wonder Woman

We would fight the entire Justice League to get out hands on this comic (and, let’s be honest, we would lose — but at least we could say we tried!). This is the holy grail of Wonder Woman collectibles and something rarely seen for sale. It might not look like much, but it’s the first ever appearance of Wonder Woman. We would squeal like a piglet if we even got to hold this amazing bit of history, much less buy it–not that we’ll ever get the chance. If you wanted to own a copy of All Star Comics #8 in good condition you would need to cough up about $936,000! If we had the money we think it would be worth every penny, but for now, owning this incredible comic will probably have to stay a dream for most of us….a wonderful dream.

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