You Don’t Have To Go To A Galaxy Far, Far Away For The Best Star Wars Gifts

What do you get for the Star Wars fan who has every action figure out there? What about the fan who has more LEGO Star Wars sets then they have shelf space? Well, we have a few ideas for you. We’re here to make your holiday shopping faster than a Landspeeder, so buckle up!


A Death Star for Their Tree

Sometimes the dark side is better, especially when it comes to decorating around the holidays. Everyone wants a colorful tree topper that doubles as a planet destroyer, right? Who could resist its cheery lights and dark intentions? This is the perfect gift of imperial propaganda for the Sith Lord in your life.

Buy for $99.00

Stay on Target with This Knife Set

Nothing says “perfect gift” like a knife set shaped like an X-Wing. The lucky recipient will be able to show off their rebel spirit and get dinner ready in style. It might not be able to fire a perfect shot down the exhaust port of the Death Star, but it sure does a great job of dicing your veggies! Gifted pilot not included, so handle these knives responsibly.

Buy for $129

Han Solo Mini Fridge

Han is a little stuck right now, so we found a great way to make him useful! This Carbonite Mini Fridge is the coolest thing this side of Tatooine. He stores up to 18 cans of soda. That won’t reanimate our favorite anti-hero, but it sure is refreshing. Get it for the bounty hunter who has everything!

Buy for $160

Hovering Millennium Falcon

What will get you on the good list in 3 parsecs or less? This incredible hovering Millennium Falcon. It is perfect for the Rebel with a day job as it sits nicely on a desk. It will make all the other squads really, really jealous.

Buy for $165

That’s No Moon–It’s a Tent!

If you know a Star Wars fan who is also crazy about the great outdoors, then this is a gift worthy of the Empire. This ThinkGeek Exclusive sleeps up to three stormtroopers, though it’s a little cozy. Conquer the great outdoors, and the universe while you’re at it, with this incredible tent.

Buy for $249.99

The Fastest Coffee Table in the Universe

When it comes to being the best gift giver in the family, we say “never tell us the odds.” Well, odds are if you bust out this incredible coffee table, you’re going to be seen as the best in the galaxy! The thing is, this beautiful Asteroid Chase table isn’t exactly something you could win in a poker game (not the kind we’ve played anyways). This beauty sells for $6,500, so make sure you really love the recipient before you buy it. This is a gift that’s sure to make them say, “I know.”

Buy for $6,500

Written by Gemr
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