When we think of the 4th of July, we don’t just think cookouts and fireworks. We think Captain America (Like any self-respecting Marvel fan does)! This hero embodies the American way and fights fascism and intolerance wherever it rears its ugly head. We can think of no better way to celebrate the Fourth than by talking about some fantastic Captain America action figures. You can either nod along with your impressive collection, or decide what to get next with a little help from your friends at Gemr.

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Unfortunately, Cap doesn’t have as many amazing figures as some of the other heroes (cough, cough, Spider-Man), but with the MCU, the Cap finally got some long-needed love. Even the high-end toy lines have kicked out Captain America action figures, and we’re here for this! But because of this, we aren’t going to limit our list to one scale (though the 6″ dominates) — or one brand. We’re looking in every collector nook for the most posable, the best looking, and the best displaying Cap figures money can buy. We aren’t going to focus on price (some of these can cost you an arm and a leg) — we’re focusing on the articulation, the sculpt, the paint, and the accessories.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite NOW Captain America

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Hasbro has a record of being hit or miss with their figures, but Infinite NOW Captain America was absolutely a hit. If you’re looking for a more modern Cap to add to your Marvel Legends collection — this is a great choice. We like this figure because it puts a modern twist on the classic outfit — without going full on tactical gear like the MCU. His articulation is excellent, and you can get just about any position you want. We wish the ab crunch had a bit more range, as it’s a bit restrictive in its range of motion. But you can’t win them all. He comes with his shield, which is a nice touch, but as usual, we have a few nitpicks.

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His paint is delicate — and you need to be aware of that. Be careful when you pose this bad boy. His shoulders rub, and his abs rub, which can cause paint chipping. Take your time, and maybe find a favorite pose or two and leave him in those. That does take some of the fun out of the figure, but he looks so good we can let it slide. We have heard of some people picking one up with a less than perfect paint app, so make sure you take a good look at the figure you’re buying before choosing one on the second-hand market. Finally, we wish there were more accessories. Another hand or two would have made this figure over the top! For now, we’ll settle for what we can get. And that’s a pretty great figure.

Toy Biz Series One Captain America

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This is still one of our all-time favorite classic Captain America sculpts. If you’re looking for that traditional Captain America look, this might just be the figure for you. Like all Toy Biz figures, this guy went above and beyond with the articulation, which means you can pose him in a massive variety of ways — but you need to watch out for the joints growing loose over time. The base he comes with is pretty iconic — the tank he stands on and the American flag really set it apart. The sculpt is fantastic, but when compared to current figures, you might notice he has a bit of gorilla arm going on, and his core is oddly skinny. These odd proportions are what knocked him down the list. But he has the finger articulation that Toy Biz is known for which gives more posing options — even if the perfect fist is out of reach.

But none of that matters. This Cap had more articulation than anything in your collection (except maybe the Spider-Man Classics line) when he came out. This Cap figure showed us what the future of action figures would look like — and it just keeps getting better. That history alone makes him worth snatching up if you get the chance. While he holds up well and still gets into rotation on our shelves, the issues with his proportions move him down our list. But if you want that classic winged helm Captain America for your collection, we can’t recommend this figure enough.

Hasbro Age of Ultron Thanos wave Cap

There is some debate as to the validity of this figure being on our list, and we can see both sides. For one — it’s our first MCU figure on the list. And for two, this sculpt is almost identical to the Winter Soldier wave. Which is fine by us — that Cap was pretty awesome. However, they made some minor adjustments that make it that much better. Hasbro released this figure with an updated chest. Those small tweaks make the ab joint just a little bit better, and that little bit of red on the costume from the Avengers: Age of Ultron suit makes it pop.

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Hasbro also gave us some accessories, perhaps to counteract the near-identical sculpt. We get a flat hand for gesturing or saluting, and a fist to replace his shield grasping hand. Of course, we get a Shield — but that’s true of pretty much every Cap figure. The final addition is an unmasked head. But, because Hasbro doesn’t have the rights to Chris Evans’s likeness, the face is a little bland blond boy. We don’t see it as a bad thing, though — it gives more options than a figure without it.

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We wish they had done a bit more shading on the paint app, and that they had done a little something with those flat brown boots. Just a small stripe of red like in the movie would have been enough. We also think they took the tactical gear a little too far, but we feel that way about the MCU costume in general. But nitpicking aside, the articulation is excellent, and if you’re looking for a movie-style Cap figure for your Legends line up — this is the one we would suggest. Between the great articulation and the accessories, it gives you a lot of posing options.

Toy Biz Face Off Captain America

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You know how we said series one is the figure you should get if you’re looking for a great classic look Cap? Well, there is a better figure that we (and most fans) agree is about the pinnacle of Legends Cap. See, Hasbro was buying out Toy Biz. Determined to ride the Marvel train as long as possible — Toy Biz released a bunch of new lines right before the merger. Face Off was one of those lines and by far the best.

Via. Marvel Legends.Net

Speaking of, the sculpt is still one of the best we have seen for the classic Cap look. The Toy Biz articulation strikes again, providing an endless number of ways to pose this figure — except the perfect fist (ever out of reach). He even looks good alongside the modern Legends, if you’re going for a comic line up. He comes with an unmasked head — which is a nice touch — and of course his shield. The head sculpt is a massive improvement from series one, and has a lot of expression in the masked face. The unmasked head has a bit of a Zoolander pout, but it’s still awesome we got the second sclupt so we can’t complain too much.

Via. Marvel Legends.Net

The Face Off that contains Captain America is a two-pack with the Red Skull. You can find either figure loose for pretty cheap if you look. But then you have to worry about chipped paint, missing accessories, and loose joints. If you want one guaranteed to be new (and MiB), you’re going to be looking at about $80. But honestly, this figure is worth it. The updates they made from series one to Face Off Cap are astounding. It’s incredible what a few years can do for articulation and sculpt.

Our only minor complaint is that his neck muscles and shoulders look chunky and disconnected. Otherwise, this is the perfect classic Cap, hands down. If you don’t have one — get one. It’s worth the price.

S.H. Figuarts Civil War Captain America

S.H. Figuarts is…well, S.H. Figuarts. Their articulation blows most competition in the 6” scale out of the water. The accessories alone make this figure worth picking up, but if you’re looking for sculpt, paint app, and articulation — this is the one for you. We picked the Captain America: Civil War version for several reasons. For one, they gave it an entirely new sculpt from the Age of Ultron fig.

Everything (as far as we can tell from playing with it), except the hips and shoulders, is brand new. And they threw in four sets of hands, relaxed, saluting, fists, and shield holding to sweeten the deal. They also gave us something Age of Ultron Cap lacked — an unmasked face, in the likeness of Chris Evans. While the paint could be better on the Chis Evans head, it’s better than anything else at this scale so we can’t complain too much. He, of course, comes with his shield which is nicely painted.

The paint job on the unmasked head is about the only gripe we have. They make the MCU suit look fantastic, and despite the tactical gear feel of it, it fits with their expert sculpting. The articulation is excellent and allows for a proper salute (fingers at the eyebrow), along with a shield throw, and any other iconic poses you’re looking for. While they have released newer figures for the later MCU movies, this one is such a great version of the Cap we really can’t recommend it enough.

Mezco ONE:12 Collective Captain America

If there’s one thing that sets Mezco apart from other figures around that 6” scale (though most of theirs are closer to 6 ½”), it’s the cloth work. And boy do they do a great job of it. This figure doesn’t skimp on — well, anything. This modern comics version of the Cap is just stunning. The sculpt is fantastic, though you can’t see much of it under the cloth suit — that doesn’t bother us in the least because it poses incredibly. You get more accessories than you know what to do with, and one of the best ways to secure his iconic shield of any figure on this list. Let’s start with the cons, because there are so few, it’s hard to nitpick.

He comes with an unmasked head — but its paint app is more underwhelming than the S.H. Figuarts one. While it has that iconic comic look, the skin feels flat. If they had added just a bit of shading, it would have been top-notch. He comes with a canteen, which is cool, but it’s a bit bigger than the pack it replaces on his belt, and it can pop off if you’re not careful while posing him. If you collect Marvel Legends, he sadly won’t fit into your line up, as his cloth suit makes him stand out like a sore thumb. However, if you don’t care about that — he’s perfect. And… that’s about it. Everything else is stellar.

He comes with so many hands it’s stupid. You get 11 in total, some matched, some gestures — it’s incredible. You get shield holding, fists, gripping, relaxed, saluting, thumbs up, pointing, and relaxed. All of this makes for some incredible poses. Then there is that unmasked head we mentioned — though we’ll probably be keeping the masked one on, it’s nice to have the option. You get a knife, two grenades, and the canteen mentioned above, all of which have a place they slot into on his belt (or boot, for the knife). Finally, you get a harness with a magnet on it — and here is where things get cool. While most Cap figures have a peg you slot the shield into, Mezco wanted to make things easier for us.

They put a magnet into the shield, so you just click it onto the harness, or onto one of the magnets hidden cleverly in the sculpted pouches on his wrists, and he’s ready for action. It seems like such a small thing to add magnets, but it makes getting the shield on so much easier. If you happen to knock it off while posing him, it’s not a big deal because it doesn’t require any force to get it back into place. So you won’t throw off your pose. All of these things add up to what we consider a definitive Captain America Action Figure.

Hot Toys Winter Soldier Captain America and Steve Rogers

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Okay, so this is kind of cheating… a lot. But who cares? It’s our list, and we’ll do what we want. Why is this cheating? Because we’re suggesting two figures in one. Now, the caveat: they come in one box and are technically both Captain America. So it counts! Now, this is out of the 6” scale — which is why we don’t call this list a definitive 6” scale list — and instead call it a definitive Captain America action figure list. But truth be told, we couldn’t resist the siren call of this Hot Toys two pack. Just look at them. Try not to drool.

For all our complaining about the movie suit, we sure did put a lot of them on this list — but honestly, most toy companies want to get in on that sweet, sweet MCU money, and we got some really great, really articulated figures out of it. We hope to get a classic Cap from Hot Toys one day, but for now — this will do. The closest we got to that dream was the 2013 Toy Fair exclusive Cap, but let’s face it — most of us can’t get ahold of one.

For now, we have this fantastic two-pack to keep us happy. Hot Toys is known for its intensely detailed face sculpts and just looking at the masked or unmasked head, you know exactly who you’re looking at. That’s Chris Evans. The detail, from the expression to the stubble, is precisely what you expect when you spend Hot Toys money.

The S.T.R.I.K.E. stealth suit is toned down in color, which is a little bit of a bummer. Given that it’s for stealth, it’s understandable — but we miss the bright blue of the comics (we’re whining about MCU suits again, aren’t we? Whoops). Despite the dark colors, this suit is incredible to look at, but given how bulky it is, it can restrict the movement of the arms, so keep that in mind if you’re going for any really intense poses. The Steve Rogers figure has none of these issues, as his civilian clothes move much better. The cloth work on both is incredible, and he poses beautifully. Even with the minor restrictions of the stealth suit, it’s still so much fun to pose that the difference isn’t a big problem for us.

Via. Geek Tyrant

The accessories, as expected, are out of this world. Chief among them are the two metal shields. You heard us. Metal. This touch — while not vibrantium — makes them feel weighty and nice in your hand. This Cap comes with four sets of hands for each figure: fists, grabbing, ready, and relaxed. We wish they had thrown in a couple more gestures — like the Mezco figure — but this is plenty to get a lot of really great poses. You also get an empty mask for Steve Rogers to hold. Much like all Hot Toys, their outfits are darn near screen accurate and make for incredible display pieces. Their articulation is out of this world, and their likeness to the source is worth the price. While you can buy these two separately, the two-pack is really striking, and we think totally worth it.

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