When Only the Best LEGO Games Will Do

For the last decade, LEGO has been producing games that stand out from other titles on the shelf — in part because no other game has minifigures on the cover and in part because they are so darn good. LEGO found their niche with a tongue in cheek style humor that filters through every title and reminds you of playing pretend with LEGOs as a kid. Every title breathes unique life into the franchise it represents and creates compelling stories using only LEGO figures. By using toys, they minimize violence — and they offer completionists a lot of replayability to hunt down all the items hidden throughout.

With ten years of games behind them, there are a lot of titles to check out. We’re here to build some of them up and make sure you get your hands on the best ones first.

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

There is something charming about LEGO Indiana Jones. It was one of the earliest LEGO games, so it isn’t as encompassing as some of the worlds LEGO has built (get it? You get it), but the world of Indiana Jones is so rich, it’s totally worth a play. You get to work your way through some tricky puzzles, fight Nazis, and deal with traps like snakes (why did it have to be snakes?). While they released another Indiana Jones game later (we pretend Crystal Skull never happened, so we pretty much ignore the second title), this one is pretty darn awesome. And, as with all LEGO games, it’s best enjoyed in co-op.

LEGO Dimensions

We like LEGO Dimensions for a lot of reasons, but the primary one is that it took the idea of toys-to-life and cranked it up to 11. LEGO is one of those companies who has the licenses for everything, and it shows in this game. Through the use of expansion packs (story and character both), you could expand your game to an incredible degree. It boasts the humor LEGO games are known for and lets you explore your favorite movies and characters in a whole new way. Expect to see everyone from Scooby Doo to the Ghostbusters — and that’s just the start of it. Sadly, in 2017 they stopped producing new packs, but there is still enough content to make this game a must play!

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 and years 5-7

Yes, they are two separate games, but just like Star Wars, they can’t be separated. LEGO captured all of the magic of Harry Potter and wrapped it in a fun and bright package. The games allow you to learn spells to help you move forward and each interaction feels very in character for the books. It a silly, but entertaining look into the world of Harry Potter. Fans of the books should play them because they are considered by many to be one of the best Harry Potter games you can get your hands on.

LEGO City Undercover

Described by fans as Grand Theft Auto without the vulgarity, LEGO City Undercover has all the things that make LEGO games great. This is the only original game on our list, but trust us, it belongs here. You play as a police officer who has to go undercover to stop crime from taking over your city. It has all the great humor you expect from a LEGO game, and all the car hopping you would want from an open world GTA style game. This is a lesser known treasure and allows you to play a game like GTA with a kid or with a friend who maybe doesn’t want to be involved in all that torture and violent crime.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

While it isn’t the first LEGO Batman game we got to play, this one is undoubtedly the best. LEGO Batman 2 had a couple of cool, never-before-seen features. For one, it had voice acting — which might not seem like a big deal, but it was a game changer. Secondly, it created an open world experience that allowed us to explore Gotham. Sure the plot (a mass Arkham breakout) has been done before — but the LEGO style makes it feel new and different. The game also introduced a bunch of other heroes from the DC Universe which opened up a whole new world of powers.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

This action-packed Star Wars masterpiece was initially released as two games, but LEGO listened to fans and gave us what we really wanted. All of the Star Wars we could handle in one place. LEGO Star Wars really set the scene for a lot of games that would follow by creating abilities for characters, so you needed to have a variety in your party. It also leaned very heavily on co-op, making it a great game to play with a friend. With over 100 characters to unlock and play, there is an incredible amount of replayability. Our only regret is that it came out before LEGO games started using voice acting.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

While this isn’t the most recent LEGO Marvel game, it really set up the universe as incredibly as you could hope. It has an unbelievable number of playable heroes who are unlocked through a one of a kind storyline that doesn’t follow any of the movies. We love that this game exists within the world of Marvel, but doesn’t directly support the MCU. It’s cool to see our favorite characters in new situations — and not to be waiting for big moments from the movies. The open world that the game occupies makes for good fun to just run around and smash stuff (what else are LEGO games good for?) and the humor holds true. This game is enjoyable at any age, so grab a controller (and maybe one for your friend) and get to saving the world.

Written by Gemr
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