On Feburary 12th, 2016 unsuspecting movie goers looking for a good ol’ super hero flick rushed to see Deadpool.

Whether you know him as Marvel’s slapstick antihero or that guy who cosplayers dress up as at comic book conventions, Deadpool has made quite a name for himself in the past few years. Though the Merc with a Mouth has been a part of the Marvel canon since 1991, the over saturation of conventional superheroes on the big screen has made modern comic book fans realize that Deadpool is truly the hero we need, though arguably not the hero we deserve. It remains to be seen if Deadpool’s feature film rocked the charts the way Guardians of the Galaxy did. After such a great reception we’re confident that the notorious antihero will live on thanks to its devoted cult following.

To get you in the mood for Deadpool’s morbidly zany antics, we spent at least 15 minutes looking at Deadpool collectibles to find the 7 craziest items we all wish we could have. Okay, some of this stuff you may not admit you want, but your secret is safe with us.

7: Deadpool Labbit

Right out the gate, nothing gets you into the mood for some comic book comedy like a Deadpool colored rabbit with Gatling gun for a mouth.

Trust us, we don’t even have the creative capacity to make this stuff up.


6: Funko Pop Chimichanga Truck

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Deadpool is among numerous superheroes who have been recreated as lovable Funko Pop figurines.

That said, a special Funko Pop Chimichanga Truck to accompany the vinyl Deadpool? Now that’s pretty unique.


5: 10” Deadpool Plush

Those who have inexplicably dreamed of cuddling up with Deadpool at night will be pleased to know a 10” plush of the antihero exists, complete with his iconic swords and puzzled face.

To be fair, when you take away the blood and adult humor from the comic books and the movie, Deadpool is kind of cute.

4: Deadpool Hooded Onesie Pajamas

If you happen to be a fan of both Deadpool and sleeping in onesie pajamas of your favorite characters, then you’ll be glad to know that this hooded outfit is indeed something you can purchase and wear to bed.

Sometimes you don’t know there’s a market for something until you see it.

3: Deadpool Over-The-Head T-Shirt

Okay, so this one is hilarious. Whereas most over-the-head shirts have some kind of social-icebreaker gimmick (example: “ask me about my T-Rex”), this is literally a top for people who just want to roll their shirts over their heads and pretend they’re Deadpool. This is amazing on so many levels.

We’re sure anyone who has used the shirt for its intended purpose must have some wonderful stories to tell.


2: Deadpool Pencil Holder

In the Deadpool canon, the hero’s most notable superpower is his regenerative capabilities. In other words, whether you stab him in the leg or shoot him in the heart, Deadpool can brush it off like it’s a mere fleshwound. Some clever jokesters decided to run with this idea and make a pencil holder that resembles plunging pencils directly into Deadpool’s head.

Graphic? Yes, but hey, at least he’s not getting seriously hurt.

1: Bowen Designs Deadpool Statue

Alright, all kidding aside, we would be remiss to not mention at least one valuable collectible that every Deadpool fan would absolutely love to have.

The limited edition Bowen Designs Deadpool Statue from Sideshow Collectibles was never exactly a cheap item, sporting a relatively expensive pricetag of $239. However, whether or not you’d argue the exquisite attention to detail justifies the price, it’s inarguable that those who purchased the statue made a great investment. Getting a hold of this item now can cost collectors over twice as much as when it was launched, with the second hand market even demanding around $400 for an edition of the statue in merely “good” condition. While this may not seem terribly expensive by collectible standards, it’s nevertheless a great increase in value for an item less than five years old. Whether the price will continue to increase over the years remains to be seen.

This isn’t the first Deadpool statue by Bowen Designs to retain its value into the future, and we’d venture a guess to say it won’t be their last. In other words, if you’re a Deadpool fan who’s looking to make a sound investment in your fandom, it’s pretty safe to bet on this particular line of collectibles.

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Written by TimM
Tim is a video game aficionado who is fascinated by pop culture. He built his first collection in 1999 by catching all 151 monsters in Pokemon Red, and he hasn't stopped collecting since. His work has been featured multiple times on