We know that Captain Marvel has been a historically divisive hero. She’s done some questionable things in the comics, and that makes us hesitant to like her in the MCU. But even with all that baggage, it’s still AWESOME to see the MCU finally release a movie that stars one of their amazing female heroes. Sure, she might not be everyone’s favorite, but after 11 years — it’s about darn time. We’ve already taken the time to talk about the 10 most underappreciated female Marvel characters. So today we’re going to celebrate another group of important Marvel women. We’re going to count down the 7 greatest female Marvel superheroes. These are the heroes we think are most in need of a little extra appreciation!


Mockingbird is one of those characters we don’t hear much about — so we’re going to talk about how awesome she is. Mockingbird for a while was just a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. She graduated top of her class and was about as good as they come in hand to hand combat. Her preferred weapons are a pair of batons which combine into a bo staff and trust us, that’s enough. She was a BA as a normal woman with training, but she’s gone beyond that now.

Bobbi Morse took a near-fatal blow, and to save her life, she was injected with an experimental combination of the Super Soldier Serum and the Infinity Formula, which gave her increased strength, healing, and agility — which she has used to continue to fight for what’s right. Honestly, all this did was make a fantastic character stronger — and did nothing to change who she was. While we still don’t know the long term effects of this experimental formula, so far it all seems positive.


Domino wasn’t a character most people outside of comic readers recognized until her debut, and excellent revamp, in Deadpool 2. Her power is in probability, and it makes her a literal good luck charm. She can affect the probability of events (so long as they are not impossible), to turn in her favor. She can’t directly control the power, but any time she engages in an activity, luck favors her. The ability allows her to also react faster than the average person in order for her abnormal luck to work to her advantage.

She also is a trained mercenary who ran in Cable’s Wild Pack and joined the X-Force. She has incredible marksmanship and is trained in hand to hand combat. She also is very good with explosives. Domino is the sort of person you want on your team, and Deadpool 2 showed just how impressive her abilities are to the movie-oriented Marvel fans. Hopefully, with the acquisition of Fox, Disney will pull this character into more on-screen storylines. For now, we’ll enjoy her whenever she appears in the comics.

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Squirrel Girl

We’ve talked about the unbeatable Squirrel Girl before. She’s pretty much a legend. What we love about Doreen Green is that she’s incredibly relatable. She’s got a slew of powers — most notably, a prehensile squirrel tail, super strength and agility, powerful front teeth, and let’s not forget the retractable knuckle spikes (think Wolverine, but smaller). But that’s not what she’s known for. Squirrel girl possesses the ability to speak to and understand squirrels. This might seem really minor in the arsenal of a hero but trust us, it’s one of the most often underestimated powers in the Marvel Universe.

This was worth an extra image.

Doreen is so often underestimated, she has a list of big name villains and heroes acting badly that she has taken down longer than, well, her tail. We aren’t talking small time chumps — She has defeated Doctor Doom, Thanos, Deadpool, and Wolverine. Doreen plays in the big leagues. While her victories are often not of the traditional “beat them” sort, she still averts the threat, and that is what it means to be a hero. In fact, she beat Galactus (yes that Galactus), but by befriending him and then asking him not to destroy Earth. We can’t make this stuff up! Sure, her methods aren’t as cool as some of the other women on our list, but she still saves the day nonetheless.


Illyana Rasputina, or Magik, is a mutant often connected to the X-men. You might not have heard of Magik if you’re not an avid comic reader, but you will recognize her big brother from several of the X-men movies. Magik is the little sister of Colossus (a Deadpool tie in would be awesome!). She is one of Marvel’s most accomplished teleporters and can teleport through space and time. Most teleporters (take Nightcrawler for instance) can only manage the space portion. Magik can also teleport a lot farther than most, and has been shown crossing to other planets. One drawback to her powers is that even a small margin of error ends in her ending up days, weeks, or years off from where she intended. Though she has gotten better with her powers, there are still setbacks. If that wasn’t enough, she is also an accomplished sorceress, and in recent years has been taken as an apprentice by Doctor Strange. When she uses her powers, she develops eldritch armor which manifests over her body and gives her superhuman strength — which takes her up yet another level. Top all that off with an impressive Psionic Shield that not even Professor X can get through? You have one heck of a mutant on your hands.

Her costume really, really needs work, but her powers and personality make up for it.

And yet she has one last trick up her sleeve! She spent some time imprisoned in the dimension she can teleport through — Limbo. While there, she created a weapon that can disrupt magic forged of her own soul. This soulsword is about the most metal thing we’ve ever heard of. With a powerset like that, there is no limit to the havoc she could wreak if she wanted to. Luckily, she usually helps the X-Men and not the Brotherhood.

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Rogue may have started off as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, but she went on to be one of the most iconic X-Men ever to be created. Rogue is such a fan favorite, she has shown up in just about every version of the X-Men from comic to cartoon to movie. There is a good reason, too. She is a mutant with some of the most potent powers on earth, but they prevent her from ever touching the people she cares about. Her struggle to make a connection when her powers isolate her is something we can connect with. We all feel isolated sometimes. Sure, her mutant abilities are just one of the things that make her great — but man are they awesome.

First off, she can absorb the powers of any other hero — that, hands down, makes her one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe. Her ability also drains the victim of the ability to use their own powers in the short term, though she has — on rare occasion — permanently stolen powers. She can take the abilities of anyone in the universe (so long as their superpower isn’t money — we’re looking at you, Iron Man). The downside to such a fantastic ability is that she can never touch anyone — not even her husband, Gambit. She is one of those characters who makes villains nervous when she shows up. This southern belle shouldn’t be trifled with, and on any given day — and depending who she’s been fighting — she could throw just about anything at you.

Scarlet Witch

We were so hyped to see that the MCU would be featuring Wanda Maximoff when Age of Ultron was announced, but we have one little gripe — they used our least preferred backstory. As we watched Avengers: Age of Ultron, all we could think was “Man, her dad could sort this out really quick.” You see, in the older comics, Scarlet Witch is the daughter of Magneto. Well, Disney didn’t have the rights to the X-Men at that point (though they do now), so Daddy got cut from her backstory. Instead, Disney used some of the newer mythos, where she was never a mutant, but an escaped experiment. Either way, she is usually associated with the Brotherhood of Mutants and considered an enemy of the X-men. Whichever version of her history you prefer, Wanda has a powerset that is devastating in combat. It has been called Chaos Magic and Reality Warping, but we prefer to call her powers Entropy. And her abilities always negatively affect her opponents.

See, Scarlet Witch can cause events that usually wouldn’t take place to happen by changing their probability. Imagine a scenario so strange it could never happen — and with a thought, she makes it entirely plausible. She can change the probability of someone getting hit by a meteor from 0% to 100% with a wave of her hand. Or she can cause a semi-truck to blow a tire and run over an opponent. She can’t always predict how her abilities will affect the world around her(the early version of her had very little control over her powers), but it is almost always deadly to those working against her. The more recent iteration of Scarlet Witch has been able to manage her powers better, but even without complete control, this is a mutant (or experimental) power that can devastate anyone in her path. With an ability like that, how could we not put her on this list?

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We will never stop talking about how awesome Storm is. Ororo Munroe was the first major female African American character in comics, and she has dominated the top spot on our list ever since. Ororo was an orphan and a thief after the loss of her parents. When she developed her mutant abilities, she used them to help her get by. Her acomplishments as a thief are still noted, and have helped her out of tough scrapes more than once. It was sheer luck that Professor X found her and brought her in, and in doing so brought on one of the most potent X-Men he would ever meet. See, Ororo Munroe is a natural born leader who has led the X-Men team, been on the Avengers, and even served as part of the Fantastic Four. While it’s not been officially stated, she has been referred to as a possible Omega-Level Mutant several times — you know, the most powerful mutants out there. And we 100% believe that.

Most people know Storm for her Weather Manipulation, it’s what they always show when she shows up on TV or in movies. But that’s like saying Iron Man can fly or Captain America can throw — it’s only a small fraction of what her abilities allow her to do. Sure, she can call forth storms, but also pull pollution out of the air to make acid fog or rain, flash freeze people, shoot lightning from her hands, cause cold snaps, and conjure heat waves. She can cause a tornado to form sideways and increase pressure around a person by manipulating the air density. If you think about it, Storm is basically a weather god. But that’s not all she can do. On top of flight, her powers protect her from changes in temperature, wind, and pressure. Her will is so strong that when coupled with her electric fields, telepaths can’t find her.

Storm is a powerhouse of mutant abilities, but that isn’t why we consider her the greatest female Marvel hero. Storm has been a rock through the X-Men. She has been steadfast in the goal to find peace between mutants and humans. She has stood beside Professor X through thick and thin, and we don’t see that changing. She’s been such an essential part of the X-Men she has appeared in games, movies, cartoons, you name it — and she deserves it. She even beat Wonder Woman in the Marvel and DC crossover event — she won a fan poll to do so, too! With Disney’s acquisition of Fox, we really hope we’ll see more of her on the big screen — but until then, we will keep reading about her in the comics.

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