We scoured through Gemr seeking the 7 most awesome collections/collectibles on the site. We think we’ve assembled a pretty credible list. Here they are:

1. Transformers

most awesome collections on Gemr: Transformers.(Click the image to see this collection on Gemr.)WOW! Not only is this collection noteworthy due to the sheer size of it, but the time and commitment it must have taken to line these all up for a photo shows true dedication. This Gemr user deserves all the “likes.”Uploaded by unicronterror1.

2. Super Mario Brothers Aquarium

awesome collections (Click the image to see this collectible on Gemr.)Mama Mia! This is one of the most “liked” items on Gemr and for good reason! It’s a World 1-1 Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Aquarium. Talk about dedication! This user built this themselves with Legos, vinyl, PVC piping, and other materials. If you look up “awesome” in the dictionary this tank should appear.Uploaded by wiredlife.

3. WWE Figures

Awesome Collections

 (Click the image to see this collection on Gemr.)

This picture speaks for itself. Do we even need to explain why this is in our 7 most awesome collections list? Just look at it!Uploaded by grimstoyshow.

4. Tsum Tsums

Awesome Collections (Click the image to see this collection on Gemr.)This Gemr user individually photographed and uploaded 231 Tsum Tsums in their collection. Thank God for the “Quick Collect” feature on our app, right? That’s a whole lot of awesome right there!Uploaded by tenchikiss.

5. Funkos

awesome collections (Click the image to see this collection on Gemr.)If your Funko collection covers an entire wall, you definitely belong in our list of 7 most awesome collections on Gemr. This user says their collection has grown even bigger since this photo was taken a year ago. Uploaded by tanyamarieharris.

6. Reborn Dolls

Awesome collections

(Click the image to see this collection on Gemr.)

Crafting a Reborn Doll is an art! Did you know it takes approximately 30-40 hours to make a quality Reborn Doll? So you can imagine all the work that went into making this collection possible. We think that sort of devotion to collecting is pretty freakin’ awesome!Uploaded by heatherburley1.

7. Happy Meal Toys

Awesome Collections

 (Click the image to see this collection on Gemr.)

A collection this size is pretty impressive in itself. But, when you think about how many McDonald’s Happy Meals it took to make this collection…Now that’s what makes it awesome! Uploaded by lauriecci2002.



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