The best thing about collecting WWE action figures is seeing the ways toy makers have interpreted our favorite wrestlers.

Whether it’s the hand-painted toys of the 80s or strange spin-off figures like the “maximum sweat” series, long-time collectors have truly seen it all. In fact, there are so many legendary wrestling collectibles out there that it’d be impossible to talk about every single one! To compromise, we’ve assembled this list of seven WWE figures that have remained memorable to fans over the years. If one of your favorites isn’t on our list, we’d love to see your picks in our WWE Club!

7: Elite Series 19 Brock Lesnar


Mattel is no stranger to the world of WWE figures, and their long running Elite Series is a testament to that fact. It should be no surprise, then, that they really knocked it out of the park with their take on Brock Lesnar.

Just look at that scowl, it’s like he’s really there!

6: 31 Inch John Cena


There are two reasons this John Cena figure was awarded with our number 6 spot. First of all, at 31 inches, this collectible is literally larger than an average size baby. It is an undoubtedly bold way to declare your love for the WWE.

Second, since John Cena is the WWE poster child of internet memes, we feel obligated to include him in as much of our wrestling content as possible. Remember this the next time you see us work John Cena into a blog he probably has no business being in.

Oh, and the figure looks pretty cool too.

5: Hasbro Ric Flair

You may be thinking to yourself “wait a second, this Ric Flair figure actually looks awful.” We don’t disagree.

See, Hasbro’s attempt to recreate the WWE legend managed to turn out so bad that it’s actually good. It may be hard to remember every toy out there, but we’ll never forget the way this Ric Flair toy made us chuckle.

4: Shawn Michaels (Disguised as Hulk Hogan)


In one of the zanier moments in WWE history, Shawn Michaels impersonated Hulk Hogan before their battle at the 2005 Summerslam, making sure to antagonize him as much as possible while generously working “brother” into every sentence. This segment was such a hit that it wound up spawning this Shawn Michaels action figure.

There you have it, the only collectible that you have to explain whenever a non-WWE fan looks at it!

3: KB Toys Cactus Jack


Now here’s a figure that embodies what we love about 90s style WWE collectibles.

Between the pose and the expression on Cactus Jack’s face, few figures ever capture as much personality as this 1998 gem.

2: Elite Series 23 The Undertaker


When this Elite Series Undertaker debuted at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, fans were quickly smitten with it. Though Undertaker toys are all too common, this throwback to the legendary wrestler’s appearance in Wrestlemania XII is as much menacing as it is nostalgic.

For anyone with years of WWE fandom under their belt, this figure is a great way to show your appreciation for the classics!

1:  Defining Moments Macho Man Randy Savage


Macho Man Randy Savage is one of those wrestlers whose fame transcends the sport, and this figure so lovingly reflects his larger-than-life persona. Sporting one of his most iconic outfits, every detail from his boots to the tassels is intricately crafted.

WWE collectibles may look cool, but they also immortalize the greatest performers to ever enter the ring. We won’t soon be forgetting Macho Man Randy Savage with figures like this, and we’re sure he’d have it no other way.

Written by TimM
Tim is a video game aficionado who is fascinated by pop culture. He built his first collection in 1999 by catching all 151 monsters in Pokemon Red, and he hasn't stopped collecting since. His work has been featured multiple times on