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With the merger happening between Disney and Fox, it’s time to celebrate some new Disney Princesses! We doubt they will be put onto Disney’s royal lineup (that’s a franchise, and even some of their own princesses don’t make the cut), but that’s okay. We know in our heart of hearts that these princesses are great enough to make the list! So without further ado, here are eight princesses who have been upgraded to Disney Princesses (or at least step-princesses).

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Princess Leia

Princess Leia Smiling

Yes, Disney acquired Star Wars in 2012, but there was a hang-up. They did not have distribution rights for Star Wars: A New Hope. Due to a deal cut when the movie first came out, Fox held onto those coveted rights with an iron grip. This means that while Disney had most of Leia, they did not own full rights to her. She was almost a Disney Princess, but not quite. The good news is, our favorite Princess from a galaxy far, far away is now 100% Disney Princess. She might not stand in their line up, but she doesn’t need to — she’s in her own league.

Princess Leia held captive by stormtroopers

No other princess has helped to take down a galactic Empire — twice (so far). No other princess can even come close to standing up to those credentials. She’s a tried and true leader, a kind friend, and braver than all of us combined. If there was ever a princess worthy of the title Disney Princess, it’s the leader of a galactic rebellion — Princess Leia.

Princess Anastasia

Princess Anastasia in her crown and ball gown.

We had honestly forgotten Princess Anastasia wasn’t already a Disney Princess. The animation, music, and story of 1997’s Anastasia were all on par with everything Disney was producing at the time. Sure, the story was a bit darker than Disney usually likes to play with, but it was a movie everyone fell in love with. How could you not?

Princess Anastasia on her journey to meet her Grandmother

With the merger, Anastasia can finally get the honor she so richly deserves. Sure, she came from Fox — but she has every bit of the magic needed to stand tall in the Disney line up. Dead or missing parents? Check. Incredible adventure? Check. Animal companion? Check. A villain who likes the color lime green way too much? Major check. Do you see why people thought she was a Disney Princess from the start?

Princess Buttercup

Princess Buttercup on horseback

Another impressive acquisition was The Princess Bride. We know, we know, Buttercup was hardly a princess at all. She was only a princess for about ten minutes — tops — but they called her Princess a lot, and she dreamt about being a Princess, and the movie is called Princess Bride. So, obviously she fits the part. This fantastic movie still holds up today, and will always be a classic.

Princess Buttercup and Wesley as they escape the Fire Swamp

We hope Disney won’t try to remake it (please don’t try to remake it); there is no way they could recreate the magic of the cast or the delightful charm of its absurdity. We hope that instead, they give us a remastered edition and some new merch. But that’s not the point! Princess Buttercup is now a Disney Princess — end of story.

Princess Neytiri

Princess Neytiri from Avatar

A princess doesn’t have to be human! She can totally be a giant sentient blue cat person in the jungles of Pandora. The Navi aren’t what you would expect from a Disney Princess — but we think Neytiri perfectly sums up the values of a princess. She is kind, compassionate, teaches others, and cares about her people. While she would literally tower over the rest of the lineup, she deserves her spot on the Disney Princess list. Besides — there are about to be four sequels to her franchise, and that means Disney just stepped into a fantastic future with an enduring princess.

Princess Poppy

Princess Poppy waving

Oh boy, if you want a happy princess who loves to sing and dance, Poppy’s your girl. She is young and impulsive, sure, but she understands how to make friends with anyone. This pink princess brought peace between her kingdom and their greatest enemies, the Bergens. When the Bergens stole her subjects, she didn’t hesitate to hunt them down and get them back — even if it meant teaming up with the grumpiest troll ever to live.

Princess Poppy smiling and leaning out of the screen

But she does it! With a song in her heart and a smile on her face, she rescues everyone, brings peace to her kingdom, and gives a smile to people who had never smiled before in their lives. She also stopped her people from being eaten…which is sort of a big deal? While Trolls was made by Dreamworks, the distribution rights now lay squarely in the hands of the Mouse. She embodies the ideals of a Disney Princess — even if she’s tiny.


Aqua sitting on a surfboard with her love interest, and her mermaid tail exposed.

Thinking about this movie takes us back to the early aughts. Many of you might never have seen it. But those that did remember the delightful mermaid princess Aquamarine. The whole thing was a quintessential early 2000’s teen movie. Two girls are about to be separated because one of their moms got a job far away. They find Aquamarine, who promises to grant them a wish if they help her prove love is real so she can get out of an arranged marriage. Apparently mermaids don’t believe in love in this universe, but okay.

Aquamarine being discovered in the pool.

But honestly, asking a teenager about love is not the best way to learn. The pair use their knowledge from teen magazines to try and help her win over a cute lifeguard. But it turns out teen magazines are pretty useless when it comes to actually forming lasting relationships (hot tip from Gemr!). And SPOILERS: In the end, it’s the love between Aquamarine and the girls that frees her from her arranged marriage. This is a story Disney should tell more often. Not all love is romantic. Friendships are also love! This makes her a perfect addition to the Princess team.

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A line up of Storms different costumes from throughout the years.

Another property Disney got their hands on when they bought Fox is the X-Men. This means we can now have all sorts of excellent crossovers with the Avengers, as well as a whole new series of movies (again)! But one of the longtime favorite X-Men is also, technically, a princess! Which makes her fair game for this list.

Storm calling on lightning and saying "Tyrant, your villainy will be held here."

While Storm herself has not taken up the mantle (she’s too busy leading the X-Men), she is technically a princess. Her mother was the princess of a tribe in Kenya, and yes, her father was an American — but that doesn’t erase that royal lineage. Storm was orphaned with their deaths, but that means she is the heir to the throne. Thus, princess.

What a princess she is, too! As one of the strongest mutants in the world — she has been said to have the potential to be Omega-Level — she would make for a powerful ruler. Thankfully, she has the leadership skills and thoughtful attitude of a good role model. Honestly, she’s an ideal Princess for Disney!

The Xenomorph from Alien

An image of the Xenomorph from aliens with mouth open.

Hear us out. Yes, We’re Alien fans. But personal preferences aside, Disney now owns the Alien franchise. And that means the Alien Queen is now a Disney Queen. An evil queen, sure, but that’s still a queen. She’s definitely the largest queen ever (don’t tell us Maleficent or Ursula is bigger — they had to use magic to get that big). More importantly, this means every single one of her children are Disney Princesses!

an image of a Xenomorph in a disney princess dress crouching to speak with birds in a forest

art by Randy van der Vlag on ArtStation

We get thousands of them! Billions if they ever make it to earth and get loose (like in the original Aliens comics). That’s more Princesses than even Disney can manage! They might not fit the appearance that we’ve come to expect from Disney, but it’s about time they expand their definition of a princess.

You might not like her, but she is the perfect organism, which makes her the perfect princess! So remember, if they give you an egg — you can be a Disney Princess, too! Well, kinda. Your parasitic baby can be, and that’s almost as good!

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