Did you hang onto your old Barbies? We sure hope so!

We all know anything marked Limited Edition has a habit of rising in value. That’s a given. But sometimes, against all odds, it’s the everyday Barbie doll that becomes a MUST HAVE for collectors of the future (well, now the present, but that’s not important). We’ve dug deep through a blindingly pink stash of retro Barbies for gems that could buy you gems — and other jewelry, too!

8. Sparkle Beach Barbie

This sparkling beach babe hit the shore in 1995 and hasn’t looked back since. She’s even giving off total cool girl California vibes in a blue two piece bathing suit that matches her eyes. Bonus: Barbie’s glamorous belt (wait, a belt with a swimsuit? We’re not the fashion police, but this is a bit much) doubles as a sparkly bracelet for you! We’ve seen this doll generously appraised at $1,999, but we sort of feel like that must be a joke. You might want to hold onto yours until the beach clears out a little, as currently you can scoop one up for around $25.

7. Hollywood Hair Barbie (1992)

Pump, pump, pump it up! Raise the volume on your boombox and get ready for a Barbie who practically screams 1990’s! This is NEXT LEVEL long hair, and Babs even comes with a magic hair mist to turn her long locks pink! This might have been the favorite gimmick of nineties toys but we never get sick of color changing items (it’s downright magic and you can’t convince us otherwise). And the 90’s fun doesn’t end there! Oh no, it keeps going in her gold lamé star-accented outfit! If you managed to hold onto this shimmer-tastic Barbie, you could make up to $50 for her!

6. Totally Hair Barbie

We’ve mentioned Totally Hair Barbie before, but she’s totally worth another shout out! This incredible doll is the best selling Barbie ever. There’s a good chance you still have one hanging around — go look, we’ll wait. Want a little incentive? This beauty can be worth over $100!

5. Career Collection Doctor Barbie with 3 Babies

In the not too distant past of 1995, Mattel released a very special edition in their Career Collection. Proving that “If you can dream it, you can be it,” this adaption of Barbie is a doctor with THREE adorable tiny patients. To care for her littlest patients, Dr. Barbie even comes with a “working” (heavy on the air quote) stethoscope to hear baby’s heartbeat. Thump, thump! Your heart will “thump thump” too when we share the news that an unopened 1995 edition of Dr Barbie can go for as much as $130!

4. Loving You Barbie

If loving Barbie is wrong…we don’t want to be right! But how could loving Barbie ever be wrong? In this 1983 edition of the doll, her love is as ginormous as the sleeves on her dress. The velvety red hearts on her dress match the included love notes and stamper. She’s thought of everything to spread the love! If your Loving You Barbie is still still new in box, she could fetch up to $159. Now that’s worth some heart eye emojis!

3. Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie

This peachy dream could have only happened in the 80’s! Right smack dab in the middle of the decade, Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie came dancing onto shelves. You too can “get caught up in the world of a peach creamy girl” and make a pretty penny — we’ve seen this opulent Barbie sell for well over $200. Probably because she also comes with a fantastic shawl Ken can use to twirl her around the dancefloor.

2. Teen Talk Barbie

This is a controversial Barbie if we’ve ever seen one. Sure, Barbie often gets some guff about her size, but this girl got in trouble for what she had to say. This Barbie girl got Mattel in some seriously hot water with parents and educators. Teen Talk Barbie had a voice box and would say four different exciting things — including “Math class is tough.” This was such a blunder that The Simpsons parodied it in one of their episodes.

Needless to say, people found this pretty sexist. Thankfully Mattel saw that maybe teaching kids that math is hard isn’t the best use of their time and apologized. They offered to replace the offensive dolls with non-speaking ones. If your Teen Talk Barbie didn’t get traded in or tossed out, she could be worth up to $500 if she still utters her ill-advised catchphrase.

1. Hair Happenin’s Barbie Doll

The 70’s were a funky time, and the Barbie dolls released during that decade never disappoint! This red-headed mod stunner is extremely difficult to find — because she was a Sears exclusive! We didn’t know stores were doing exclusive launches back then, but we learn something new every day. Back on point — she’s a treasure if you still have her! Though she’s featured with an uncharacteristic bob, Barbie comes with not one, not two, but THREE interchangeable hair pieces: Mini Curls, Mini Swirls, and a Fashion Fall. Hair Happenin’s Barbie can sell for a staggering $2,500 IF she’s never been removed from her box. Sometimes Barbie truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Written by Gemr
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