You’re Going to Wish you Kept all this Valuable Lisa Frank Stuff!

We suddenly found ourselves with a longing for a color overload that only Lisa Frank can satisfy. Too bad we didn’t keep all our awesome Lisa stuff from when we were growing up! We went out to find some of our favorite oversaturated animals, but discovered one giant rainbow of a problem: it’s all worth, like, a considerable amount of money now. You can’t even buy stickers without it costing you an arm and a leg! So we wanted to let you know — you probably should have kept that neon folder you got for your 4th grade homework (and possibly those pencils, too)! Get ready for an expensive walk down memory lane.

Packs of Pencils

Yeah, you heard us right. Pencils. Most of us, in our childish glee, sharpened away a pretty impressive payday. Why wouldn’t we want to write with unicorns and puppies? However, we’re not feeling very sharp right now since we just found out that a two pack of sealed pencils (one aliens, one frogs) sold for $58! Those $2 pencils could have made us enough for a fancy dinner!

Plush Toys

Okay — what 13-year-old didn’t want a Hunter? Or maybe a Markie the unicorn? We would have fought a whole playground full of high schoolers for the opportunity. These cuddly buddies are worth more now than the snuggles that they gave us as kids. If you kept one cuddle free and kept the tags on it, it could be worth up to $60.

Zippered 3 Ring Binder (with tags)

That trapper keeper you loved so much? You know, the one with the horses on it? Well, it could do a lot more than hold your assignments and your pencils today. That zip up binder could pay your phone bill! Who would have thought Lisa Frank would be such an investment? If you managed not to use your favorite zip-up binder and you managed to keep the tags on, you could be looking at as much as $75!


Okay, so the binder makes sense, it’s hard to ruin a zip up binder (unless you break the zipper from overuse like we did), but folders are even more lucrative. We remember getting these bad boys for $0.50! If you managed to just look lovingly at the vivid beauties and NOT touch, you might have some treasure on your hands! Right now sets of seven or eight in perfect condition sell for almost $100! That’s more than $10 a piece!

Duffle Bags

Oh my gosh! We wish we were cool enough to have one of these. If you busted out a Lisa Frank duffle bag at a sleepover, you immediately became the most popular girl at the party. There was nothing cooler than sporting one of these beautiful bags — unless you had the sleeping bag to match. If you want one now, it’s going to cost you a brightly colored paycheck! To be the coolest girl around, expect to pay as much as $100 for any of the designs.


Dolls Kill

If you wanted to be too cool for school, you sported a Lisa Frank backpack. That’s right — we’re talking a unicorn covered, whale smothered, unicorns and aliens coated, Lisa Frank laden backpack. We wish our parents didn’t give ours to the thrift store — because basically, every variety sells for up to $125. We wish we could still tote our favorite lip gloss around in one of these beautiful bags. For now, it’s just a multi-colored dream.

Beach Towels

Who doesn’t want to have the most colorful towel at the beach? Nothing says ready for summer fun like Lisa Frank! Now if only we could find a swimsuit to match. If you want to be the coolest gal on the beach, expect it to cost you. Specific towels are worth more than others, but they average at about $100 and if you’re lucky enough to still have one with aliens on it? Well, that could be worth up to $150!

Super Sticker Collection (Over 1000 Stickers!)

Yes, please! We covered everything we owned in Lisa Frank stickers, including our walls (sorry, mom). Now, we’re wishing we didn’t. If hadn’t ripped open that super sticker collection to slather EVERYTHING we touched, we could sell it for as much as $250! If that’s not enough, single rolls from these collections can go for as much as $100! That’s some serious cash — if only our self-control had been better!

Written by Gemr
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