We’re not blowing smoke, we really want these!

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day, so we’re doing our part to appreciate the heck out of some of our favorite dragons. Game of Thrones and The Hobbit have brought some fantastic dragons back into the spotlight, and we’re allll about this change. Bring on all the fire breathing death machines — WE WANT MORE!

Okay we got a little overexcited there, but really there are some fantastic dragon things you can buy if you happen to have a bunch of cash laying around. Get ready to roar with jealousy and consider parting with some of your hoard for any one of these.

9. S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z: Shenron

If we could gather the Dragon Balls we would wish for this awesome Shenron S.H. Figuarts. It is incredibly posable and looks cool in any collection. If you like DBZ (or if you just like dragons), you’ll wish he was on your shelf.

Get him for $90

8. Official Game Of Thrones Dragon Eggs

These dragons haven’t hatched yet, but that makes them even better. This collector’s edition box is beautiful, and the tiny eggs it contains are awesome. You can tell everyone you’re the Mother of Dragons (we won’t judge), and show off your bounty. Get them while they’re still eggs and get ready to impress everyone.

Get them for $105

7. Leather Shoulder Bag

This bag will show everyone how much you appreciate dragons every day. The leatherwork is incredible and you can get it in a bunch of different eye-catching colors. Plus, its style versatility means you can wear it with anything from your adventuring armor to your about-town clothes. No one will ever doubt how awesome you are.

Get it for $216

6. Sideshow Collectibles How to Train Your Dragon: Toothless

Not everyone has time to train dragons. Maybe you just like to appreciate them like us. This statue sure as heck lets you do that! The experts at Sideshow never fail to impress, from the perfect likeness to the texture of his scales. This is one Night Fury we don’t want to live without.

Get him for $250

5. A First Edition Set of The Inheritance Cycle Sign by Paolini

As we have only found one living dragon (a tiny lizard that only glides and doesn’t even breathe fire–the poser) we’ll have to make do with fictional ones for now. You can celebrate the works of Paolini with this first edition signed set. We’re counting our gold coins to get them before — like the dragons did — they dissapear.

Get it for $326

4. NECA Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy

Show everyone the esteemed dragon hunter you are by hanging this detailed red dragon bust in your living room (or gaming den, your call). Red dragons are crafty and dangerous, but you slew the beast and now it’s head hangs a trophy on your wall. Or, you know, you bought it online…we won’t tell.

Get it for $390

3. Limited Edition WETA “Smaug The Terrible” Statue

Fire AND death? What a deal! This statue shows off everyone’s favorite hoarder under the mountain: Smaug the Terrible! These statues were limited to 2000 world wide and are numbered so you’ll have no doubt how precious this treasure is.

Find it on Ebay for $700… if you’re lucky

2. Human Sized Red Dragon Sculpture

Are none of the previous items big enough to adequately show your love for dragons? Well, we can help you with that. How about a red dragon sculpture bigger then you are? That’s right — this giant statue can tower over your friends and make them beg not to be set on fire. We, on the other hand, want to hug it — it’s Dragon Appreciation Day after all, and we definitely appreciate how cool this is!

Get it for $3,000

1. Animatronic Dragon

If big isn’t enough, we can one-up that. What if it was animatronic? Still not enough? Maybe it roars. STILL NOT ENOUGH!? It also breathes fire….well, smoke. This is as close as you can get to owning a real dragon, and it might even fool people into thinking you do. Its terrifying shriek will send chills down your spine. You better be willing to part with a big portion of your hoard if you want it, though, as such awesome power does not come cheap.

Get it for $8,250

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