These Valuable Beanie Babies Could Make You Rich

Let’s face it. Some of us are still dreaming that our Beanie Baby collections are going to turn us into millionaires (we know we are). For most Beanie Babies, that’s a pipe dream that will never be realized. The vast majority are not worth a thing. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost, though! We’re here to tell you that a select few — enough to bring hope into that bleak despair that has settled over your collection — are worth thousands of dollars. You heard us right. There are a handful of really, really valuable Beanie Babies.

So descend into your basement or up into your attic, pull out the bins, and find out if you have any of these highly collectible — and valuable — Beanies!

Royal Blue Peanut the Elephant

This elephant has always held a lot of value, but recently it’s hit a bit of a slump. The royal blue version of Peanut was retired, and replaced with a light blue variant shortly after its creation. The royal blue version hit stores before the craze really kicked in and was gone before most people caught on. Because of this, only a few thousand were ever made before it was replaced. It was considered one of the first truly valuable Beanie Babies.

But here’s the thing: Royal Blue Peanut usually sells for over $1,000 (in January 2018 one sold for $1,700), but in March it has only been selling for $650. Is this a permanent slump? Is this the time to jump and get a Royal Blue Peanut before it goes back up in value? We aren’t sure, but it is worth noting that if you’re planning to sell yours, it might be better to wait.

Iggy the Iguana

To understand Iggy’s value, first, you need to know exactly what is going on with this Beanie. See, when they first released Iggy they mixed up the fabric with Rainbow the Chameleon. Iggy was supposed to be dark blue tie-dye (or would it be “Ty”-dye? We’re here all week, folks) and Rainbow was supposed to be pastel red, green, yellow, and blue. This caused the mixed-up version to eventually vanish from shelves before it could be replaced with the fabrics in the right order. Versions of Iggy (or Rainbow for that matter) with the mixed up fabric are worth more than the later, correct versions.

Now on top of the color mix up, sometimes there are additional tag errors, for instance: extra spaces in the hangtag or a missing stamp on the tush tag for later versions. These can bring up the value pretty quickly. This little lizard (with the right errors) sells for almost $2,000!

Mac the Cardinal

This bright red bird is on what seems like every Christmas card, and with Mac, it can be in your collection, too. The thing is, it’s a little hard to get your hands on. The best part about Mac? He sells well even without tag errors! While most of the rarest Beanies have to have an error to be worth a huge sum, this little cardinal breaks the mold! You could get as much as $2,000 if you still have this little birdie in good condition and with the right tags! We’re red with anger that we didn’t keep ours around!

Curly the Bear

This curly furred teddy isn’t that rare, but again, it’s all about the tag errors. The two biggest errors are: on the front of the swing tag “original” is spelled “oriiginal” and on the back of the same tag “surface” is spelled “suface”. These errors, along with a few other known problems that can occur, can make the bear worth up to $2,500! Most of the bears have a correctly spelled tag, but look closely at yours just in case!

Peace the Bear

This bear is interesting because every single one is different. Due to the tie-dye nature of the fabric, no two bears are alike. Peace isn’t super rare, but some versions are worth a lot. Like many Beanies, the rare versions have mistakes and misspellings on the tag. Peace is no different and if you find out you have one with several rare mistakes, you could be looking at as much as $15,000! In March of 2018 one sold for an amazing $13,000!

Valentino Bear

Like most Beanies, not all Valentinos are created equal. Valentino is one of those bears that has several editions — and very few of them are worth money. The vast majority of Valentinos are worth next to nothing, and finding the rare version of this coveted teddy can be more than a little tricky. One of the rare versions has a few misspellings that make it highly collectible — errors that mirror the ones Curly shows (“suface” instead of “surface” on the back of the swing tag, “oriigional” instead of “original” on the front, among others). Tag errors are not the most valuable versions of this bear, though!

The second most valuable version is the Toys for Tots Valentino who was given for the 50th anniversary of the charitable organization. They only made 5,500 of these bears and each was individually numbered. One sold in January of 2018 for an impressive $2,322!

The most valuable version, however, was a bear given out at the Special Olympics Celebrity Festival in 1998. This bear had an additional tag attached near its swing tag showing that it was a special promotional bear. The bear came with a certificate that explained the promotion. One of these bears sold in February of 2018 for $2,777 — without the certificate! We can’t imagine how much it would be worth if you had both pieces.

Chef Robuchon

This cute little Chef was given to press and guests to celebrate the opening of Chef Robuchon’s new restaurant, L’Atelier at the Four Seasons New York back in 2006. Sure he came after the main wave of Beanie Baby fever had passed, but scarcity makes this little Chef hard to find. We couldn’t find an exact number, but as far as anyone can tell, only 200 of these bears were released. As they were only given out at the opening, even finding one for sale is nearly impossible. The last sale we can find was for $7,354 way back in 2011. That should tell you something about this incredibly hard to find teddy.

Hillary Clinton Leftie

These donkeys are, of course, meant to represent the democratic party’s mascot. Most of them aren’t worth much of anything, but a pair of Lefties have become one of a kind. In 2006 an Avionics Technician asked Hillary Clinton to sign a pair for his daughters. She agreed and created two incredibly rare Beanie Babies. As there are only two Hillary Lefties known to exist, they are very, very valuable. They went up for sale in 2016 for $50,000! This means they are worth $25,000 apiece! We doubt you will be finding these in a box in the attic, but they’re so valuable they had to make the list.

Princess Bear

As with all valuable Beanie Babies, not all versions are created equal. This bear also has a bad habit of being counterfeited because of her value. However, there are a few very rare versions out there. First off, let’s talk about why this bear has value. The Princess bear was born out of tragedy. It was created as a way to help people remember Diana, Princess of Wales after her untimely passing. Proceeds from the sale of Princess went to the Princess’s Memorial Fund.

Of those bears, a very small number were made with PVC instead of PE pellets and of those, an even smaller number had a discrepancy in the tag where the lines had an additional space between them. The version with the PE pellets sells for almost nothing, while the versions with PVC pellets and spaces can bring some serious bank. That isn’t to say the PVC with no space is worth nothing– it’s just not worth QUITE as much as the rarest version.

That super rare, highly sought after Princess is called the “Ghost Version” and is basically a unicorn (and no, we’re not talking about Mystic). If you happen to have one floating around in your parent’s basement, you could be looking at $50,000! (That is an insane amount of money for a Beanie Baby…or for, you know, anything). If you have PVC on the tag, even if it doesn’t have those extra spaces, you still could have quite the payday in store. In March of 2018, a PVC version without the space sold on eBay for $22,222!

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