The Cure for Nick 90’s Nostalgia

We’ve got a severe case of Nick 90’s nostalgia and demand our favorite shows be brought back! Originally recorded on VHS tapes straight from the TV and then purchased on Blu-ray when available, these shows deserve a reboot on our flat screens. With shows like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and even Clarissa Explains it All making a comeback, now is the perfect time to boot more. We’ve picked our top ten favorite shows that aired on Nickelodeon in the 90’s and pled our case to bring them back. Who’s with us?! All together now, “Bring back our shows!”

Space Cases

With the success of Netflix’s revamped and relaunched Lost in Space, we think Nick should totally bring back Space Cases! Remember that science fiction show about students attending a space academy orbiting Pluto? With advances in computer animation, we bet THELMA, the cybernetic female discovered by the students, will be wholly reimagined! There are so many possibilities and new adventures to explore! Nick should spread space fever to the latest generation and who knows, maybe inspire tomorrow’s astronauts.

Hey Dude

It’s been too long, almost 30 years, since we last visited the Bar None Dude Ranch. Can you believe their final season aired in 1991? Even if Jake, Danny Lightfoot, Brad, and Melody don’t come back for a visit — we hear Christine Taylor is busy these days — there’s plenty of room at the ranch to bring back Hey Dude! We’ve got a hankering for hilarious Western-themed missteps, and only one show can give us the antidote. Just remember to watch out for those man-eating jackrabbits!

Nickelodeon GUTS

Bring back the Aggro Crag! There are plenty of super intense obstacle course shows out there aimed at adult competitors, but none for kids! Bring it back! We want to see competitors gain all the glory for successfully completing five rounds of intensity! Even after all these years, this show is so popular it still airs occasionally as reruns during the NickSplat block. Modeled initially after sports like tennis and soccer, we can’t wait to see challenges based on more extreme sports. Today’s brave young contestants will rush up the Aggro Crag and bring glory to a new generation!

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm fans unite! Let’s head under the city dump again for one of Nick 90’s most popular cartoons, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters! We never got over these creepy and stinky best friends, and we bet you haven’t either. We just know they have many more adventures in their quest to graduate as monsters. Maybe they make friends with Sully and Mike Wazowski in some type of insane universe crossover (though we don’t expect Disney to play nice). Don’t be The Gromble, Nickelodeon, give us our scary besties back! Do we have to bribe Nick with toenail clippings to get more episodes?!

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Stick with us on this one. The Adventures of Pete & Pete could seriously make a big comeback. Reruns of the classic Nick 90’s show aired as recently as 2015 demonstrating the need for quality kids television. IGN even referred to The Adventures of Pete & Pete as “one of the most well-written kids shows ever.” Fresh episodes featuring a new set of brothers – or sisters – would be a must watch television, and we’re here for it! After all, our DVDs are wearing out!

All That

There’s an iconic sketch comedy show which aired for most of the 90’s and well into the ‘00’s that needs to be brought back STAT! All That launched many careers and could launch EVEN MORE if resurrected! All That is so great at identifying and growing talent, many members went on to helm their own shows. Currently, there aren’t enough comedies the entire family can enjoy so bring back the quirky and hilarious comedy sketches and the super famous musical guests! Besides, we loved the theme song!


He’s named Douglas “Doug” Funnie for a reason! This fantastic 90’s cartoon followed Doug as he journaled life’s predicaments, real and imagined, with his trusty dog Porkchop. We would love to know how this friendly and kind eleven-year-old boy would navigate growing up in today’s world of social media. The times are changing, but we hope Doug stays true to his sweet self. Disney acquired Doug in 1996 and it became a top-rated show for them, so we would love to see it come back and be even more popular than before!

Salute Your Shorts

Many parents never gave this show a chance (but babysitters did) just because the title song had the word fart in it. But Salute Your Shorts worked hard to actually be a show about kids. They didn’t use much makeup, they didn’t style the kids’  hair. They worked to find kids who looked like kids — not the ideal child. The stories felt real because of this. We related to the kids at Camp Anawanna as they navigated pranks, activities, and growing up. The show only lasted two seasons and has never gotten a proper release to DVD (despite our constant clamoring for it), so it’s about time we got more episodes instead.

The Wild Thornberries

Okay, who didn’t want to talk to animals as a kid? Eliza had that incredible power, and got to travel the world with her documentary making parents. Sure she lived in a cramped RV with her unwilling teenage sister, feral adopted brother, her parents, and their pet chimp Darwin. But that wasn’t enough for us to stop wishing we could travel the world like she did. Her adventures left us with a love for animals that went beyond just liking cats or dogs. She taught us about strange and exotic creatures (and locations), and made us want to travel. We want this show back not just so we can relive the adventure, but so another generation can fall in love with animals and the world in the same way we did!

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is reportedly coming back as a movie by Paramount in 2019! But if you ask us, what we really want is a weekly must-see TV show to inspire all new nightmares. We would absolutely join a new group of kids every week for brand new scary stories to tell around a campfire. Goosebumps has made a triumphant return, and we have every confidence Are You Afraid of the Dark? would slay on the small screen again. In conclusion, we declare this meeting of the Gemr Midnight Society closed.

Written by Gemr
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