DC Films have had a rough go of their properties since the Man of Steel film in 2013. Though they have definitely shown improvement in such films as Wonder Woman and Aquaman, there are still many (MANY) ways to ameliorate their films.

Something that fans have praised, however, is Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the franchise. An older, grumpier and a bit more sadistic Batman appears before us. He isn’t perfectly written, but he does emulate a lot of the characteristics of Batman from The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel by Frank Miller.

In the Justice League movie, Batman appears on-screen hunting Parademons in a darker suit closer in tone to Micheal Keaton’s than the original look in the Dawn of Justice film. This figure by Medicom Mafex is a fantastic representation of Ben Affleck’s suit in Justice League.

First off, the sculpting on this JL Batman is great. Collectors will note every armor fiber and panel line is sculpted. There isn’t usually a whole lot of paint variety on Batman figures, but this one manages to show off a subtle distinction between the dark grey and black. There is a nicely dry-brushed bronze for all the metal parts of his knuckles, gauntlets, toes and utility belt. The head sculpts are easily the best part of this figure. They look exactly like Batfleck down to the heavy brow and shading for the beard stubble. The cape is a shiny fabric (and boy is there a lot of cape here!). It isn’t articulated like some of the other Batman capes Mafex has made, but it serves well for posing.

Speaking of posing, the figure has many points of articulation AND great range within those points. From head to toe, we have: a double jointed neck that is connected to a ball joint in the chest (he can look waaaay up), double ball peg shoulders, and double jointed elbows and knees. The wrists and ankles have good range whilst minimizing gaps in the sculpt. The drop-down hinge hips and flexible pelvis also allows for a pretty good range of motion. There is even a toe hinge (though I generally don’t use this point in many poses).

He comes with a variety of well-sculpted accessories, including several pairs of hands that can hold his grenade launcher, grenade, grapnel gun and three shiny batarangs. He comes with an alternate head that has gritted teeth and the standard Mafex stand. Nice one!

It was quite the journey to find this particular Batman figure. It is quite popular and most stores in my area were sold out long ago. Online, it is sparsely available and can be 15-20% higher than its original market value ($100 CAD). I was desperate enough to have one that I accidentally bought as a knock-off from an online seller located in China – comparison review coming soon to JaysToyShelf. In the end, I ordered this one from Ami Ami for about what it originally cost, plus a small fee for shipping. Not easy to track down, this one!

In the end, whether you loved Ben Affleck in the films or not, this is still a great figure. If you are a Batman collector, this is a must-have. It has so much going for it and is one of the best from the Mafex Justice League line of figures. Grab it while you can — and don’t order it from China!

Written by Jaystoyshelf
Encouraged by the revival of rebooted 80s cartoons and fellow blogger, ISMOTU, JaysToyShelf turned into an action figure collector seemingly overnight. In his blog, he shares his love of collecting and posts his reviews at https://jaystoyshelf.blogspot.com/. He also curates the Naruto club on Gemr. Though only a collector since 2013, Jay loves photographing his action figures, watching related reviews, and perusing the collections of others on Gemr! He is particularly fond of anime and DC related properties. When not donning his action figure collecting persona, he plays music on a variety of instruments, video games, and he spends tea time with his significant other, their two cats, and dog.