Aga Khan Museum: North America finally gets a home for Islamic art

A billionaire playboy and two of the worlds most celebrated architects have created a cosmic space for a spectacular hoard of Islamic art in deepest suburban Toronto.

In case you’ve been itching to get your fix of Islamic art, you’re in luck.  A new museum will soon be opened in Toronto, Canada, which will be the first in North America to be dedicated to Islamic art.  And did we mention that a billionaire playboy had a hand in it’s creation?  Oh yeah.  The museum itself is set to be it’s own spectacle with gleaming white walls and an ultra sleek modern layout.  The building has been designed to resemble an open cardboard box.  For a $3million price tag, it’s the most extravagant cardboard box you’ll ever see.  It certainly does incite curiosity, especially being planted in Toronto where the landscape is dominated by beer stores and office parks.

While the quantity of art within the museum may not rival the museum giants of the world, the quality of the pieces, the museum director assures, is some of the best in the world.

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