Should You Pay For That Sick CE Loot?

Every year it seems like more and more games are kicking out collector’s editions. Some offer multiple tiers to choose from, while others have store exclusive bundles which give you even more choices. If you are a fan of a popular series and want every version, you could find yourself buying ten copies and spending hundreds of dollars. Now, if you’re a super fan, you’re probably saying “Worth it!” With prices ranging from a mere $20 to hundreds of dollars more than the original game, we have to ask ourselves: when is it worth your hard earned cash?

When should you dump extra dough into a collector’s edition? We can’t really ever justify something like, let’s say, the $800 Assassin’s Creed Origins Collector’s Edition (well, who are we kidding? We probably could), but there are others we would attend any midnight release to get our hands on.

Like this beauty. Dang. What a sweet CE.

So what makes a collector’s edition worth it? Well, it’s pretty subjective. Every gamer has their own preferences. Some people like t-shirts, while others like SteelBooks or statues. Does the type of collector’s edition justify the markup? Sometimes. Honestly, we can understand – game prices are pretty flat. They never really increase during the life of a system. If you’re buying a new gaming system, you can expect to spend the about same price for games from day one until the last game ever released for that console. At the same time, however, the cost to make games is going up, and the price to market them to rabid fans like us isn’t getting any cheaper. So we get why a company would want to make a few extra bucks off of a collector’s edition. We love them for making games we lose ourselves in for days (weeks?) at a time.

We’re suckers for that discounted season pass.

Studios making more money on their games aside, there are other reasons we buy collector’s editions of games. The primary reason is simple: we love the series we buy them for. We don’t go out and buy every single collector’s edition that comes out (we would be seriously broke) — we’re selective. We recommend you do the same.

We love that they included a download key. Smart thinking SEGA.

Make sure the version you want to buy has things you actually want. If all the extras, like BTS footage or keychains, are things you love, then go for it! If it’s stuff you don’t care about, maybe pass on this one. Even if you don’t necessarily like the extras it comes with, you can always buy a collector’s edition to support the series. That’s really awesome of you. We all know that if a game doesn’t do well, we can kiss a sequel goodbye (like Mass Effect, it’s pretty much dead thanks to Andromeda). Sure, it could be considered kissing the feet of the studio for a handout. But for a sequel? We think it’s worth it. We’ll just pucker up.

If you are buying for future value… well you might as well stuff your money in a hole, as you’re just as likely to have the same financial return. Most collector’s editions never rise above their original value or only rise a couple of dollars. There are a few exceptions, but not enough to make the risk worth it.

They had us at hardcover art book.

But are Collector’s Editions worth it?

If you love the game, there are exclusives you really, really want, or you want to support the studio, go for it. Throw your money at the edition of your choice. Squeal with glee while you do it. Make it rain. Otherwise… just buy the standard game. Save your money for the next collector’s edition that meets all your expectations. With all of the collector’s editions coming out, your dream box is sure to ship soon.

Written by Gemr
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