At a Waylon Jennings Sale: Hank’s Boots, Buddy’s Bike and Willie’s Hair

An auction of items owned by Waylon Jennings include hundreds of items, including tokens from musical titans.

It’s not everyday that an auction hits the market with memorabilia from the greatest of music legends.  On October 5, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix will be auctioning off 2,000 items from country singer Waylon Jenning’s personal collection.  This might sound normal enough, but the items up for sale are anything but average.

Who wouldn’t want to add Willie Nelson’s locks to their collection?  Guernsey’s auction house will be featuring a pair of the legendary country star’s tightly woven braids that are apparently in excellent condition despite the age of the singer’s hair.  Up until his death in 2002, Waylon Jennings was the proud owner of the braids after Johnny Cash presented the gift to him at a sobriety party in Jenning’s honor in 1983.  Why Johnny Cash had the braids in the first place, we’re not really sure.

Slightly more normal, but equally exciting, are the one of a kind cowboy boots that once belonged to Hank Williams.  The Nudie cowboy boots should be of great interest to all the die-hard Hank fans out there.  Another item headlining the auction is a motorcycle that once belonged to the late great Buddy Holly.  Jennings, once part of Holly’s band The Crickets, was scheduled to be on the fateful flight that took the lives of three members of the band, including Buddy Holly.  After Holly’s death, the bike was found and given to Waylon Jennings as a very meaningful birthday present and now you, too, can own the sentimental motorcycle.

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