Like it always does, the Marvel Universe rolls on. We’re still reeling from Avengers: Endgame, but our favorite web-slinger is moving on. With Spider-Man: Far From Home out, we felt the need to look back instead of forward. So we’re going to rate our top 8 Spider-Man action figures. But, to keep it fair, we’re going to focus on the 6” lines. Comparing Hot Toys to Marvel Legends or Toy Biz just isn’t fair. They are on different levels (and price points), and we want to make sure the playing field is even.

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We’re also — in the spirit of Far From Home — going to focus on Peter Parker figures only. With Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse helping to increase the number of Spider-Verse figures we can get our greedy little hands on, we feel this will keep our list on track. Now, with our guidelines in check, let’s get this list going!

Toy Biz Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six

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We’re going to ignore the rest of this seven-piece set, in favor of only paying attention to Spider-Man. Because this isn’t about the sinister six. It’s about Spidey. So we’re going to start out with a figure a lot of people consider pretty good. His articulation is decent, his look is excellent, and overall, it’s a great figure. The problem? It’s overshadowed by the next Spidey on our list as its articulation is good — but not quite as good as other figures we’ve got.

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He comes with black mesh webbing to mimic the web glider he’s seen wearing in Amazing Fantasy #15, and that’s pretty cool. But it’s done in a kind of obvious and not a very clean way. Instead of having clean elastic loops, they opted to have them tied, which means you get little bits of black string hanging off when the web glider is on. He has a nice ab crunch but lacks the diaphragm joint of some other Toy Biz figures. His fingers are articulated, at least enough to put his hands into a thwip position, but not enough to get a proper fist.

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We like this figure a lot, and it’s a pretty good Spider-Man figure, better than many to be honest. But, there are better figures out there.

Spider-Man Classics Snapshot Spider-Man

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This is an excellent figure for many reasons, chief among them being his color. While most Spidey figures from the early days stuck to darker tones, this guy went all in on the bright blue. His sculpt is really great, and his articulation is top notch for the time it was released.

His shoulder has so many joints, which gives excellent articulation to his arms and a lot of poses. However, it can look bizarre and chunky when you pose him, so know that going in. He also doesn’t have any shading on his blue, it’s mostly matte. We don’t think this is a bad thing — in fact, it makes the fact it’s such a bright blue stand out more.

He has a bunch of extra articulation, including individual finger joints to get thwip hands and wall-crawler hands, but the fist leaves a little something to be desired. The best articulation is in his shoulders and chest. They gave him an ab crunch, waist swivel and a diaphragm joint, which really lets him get into some nice crouches. It can be hard to find this figure, but he doesn’t sell for as much as some ToyBiz ones.

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He even came with a pretty decent number of accessaries. You got a display base with a city back drop, a webbed up villian, a couple Daily Bugle papers, and a camera that was way too big for him to hold.

Marvel Legends Infinite Wave “Pizza Spidey” Hobgoblin BAF


This figure is awesome for a lot of reasons. The chief among them is that it changed the way we looked at the cheaper figures. This Spider-Man made us expect more from Marvel Legends and it marked a turning point for what we wanted when we went looking for our next “get.” It’s still one of the coolest Spider-Man figures out there, and while the price has gone up a lot, it’s worth picking one up if you don’t own it already. What made this figure truly special was that Hasbro gave us an incredible variety of accessories, incredible articulation (sans toe joint), all for $20 at release.


For a Hasbro figure, we get quite a few hands, punching, web-slinging, and wall crawling. Unfortunately, they didn’t give us a toe bend in this one, which would have taken this to the next level, but that’s not enough to knock this figure off the list. Heck, it’s still considered one of the best Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures out there. It also had somewhat limited hip articulation, which prevents him from pulling off the perfect four-point crouch.

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Those things aside, he has a lot going for him. He took the articulation farther, and Hasbro gave him a unique sculpt from head to toe, which made him really popular with us and other fans. On top of those hands we mentioned earlier, they also gave us two head sculpts: traditional Spidey, and one of our favorites ever, a half-exposed face sculpt. The final accessory they offered us was a slice of pizza, which, while not having much value, adds a lot of character and some cool poses. The pizza fits perfectly into the wall-crawling hand, and they even sculpted the cheese dripping down the sides.

2007 SDCC Exclusive Stan Lee Spider-Man

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This figure is pretty cool for a bunch of reasons, but let’s start with the coolest one. This figure came with a head, hands, and feet, along with a cloth outfit, to turn Spider-Man into Stan Lee. This alone is a bit of a gimmick, sure, but they kept going. They added an unmasked Peter Parker head, which can be used with the civilian hands, feet, and cloth outfit to make him just Peter Parker. The articulation was actually pretty good. They gave us a toe joint and articulated fingers on the Spider-Man side, which is a bonus.

Via. Cool Toy Review

The Stan Lee hands aren’t articulated though, and the feet lack a toe joint, which isn’t a huge letdown as Stan keeps the rest of the articulation under his kinda bulky clothes. The exclusive set also comes with a really cool loose mask, which can be put into his hand to look like he’s pulled it off. He does have the problem a lot of these articulated fingers did — all the fingers are the same length. It makes them look kinda unconvincing, and the articulation doesn’t allow for a perfect closed fist (how can he punch bad guys without a fist?). Still — we did get a second set of hands, even if they are meant for Stan Lee.

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Honestly, our favorite thing about this figure is posing Stan Lee like Spider-Man. We miss him so much, and it lets him be the hero we all see him as. That alone makes this figure worth it. But it’s also a highly posable Spider-Man and a good piece for your collection.

Super Poseable Spider-Man with Wall Crawling Action

ToyBiz got it right with this one. Why? Well because they gave us a figure that could do a near perfect four-point crouch. It seems like this would be one of the top things companies would try to do — given how often Peter takes the stance. But alas, most figures don’t live up to the flexibility of our hero. The ToyBiz release was a red and blue suit and the articulation — as ToyBiz often liked to do — was out of this world.

Via. HD Toy Theater

There are very few things we can complain about with this Spider-Man. We got the toe bend, good hip movement, and articulated fingers. He really is an exceptional Spider-Man figure. He even comes with a wall featuring a mounted gargoyle to pose him on. That little bonus is part of what pushes him up over Pizza Spidey (and the aforementioned four-point crouch).

He does have the “same size finger” problem. So his fingers are kinda like hotdogs. Secondly, there are no peg holes in the feet, so you have to either use a base that claw holds him, or make sure your balancing skills are on point. The good news is, Hasbro re-released this figure with a modified paint app. The new figure is black and red instead of blue and red. They also added peg holes to the feet without limiting his articulation. This means you get all the fun, and none of the balance issues when posing standing up.

Of the older figures, this is the one to get. It can be pretty pricey in the aftermarket, and hard to find, as it was released years ago. So make sure you keep your eye out when it does appear. There are issues with it, sure. But, for its age, it holds up incredibly well and displays beautifully.

S.H. FiguArts Spider-Man Homecoming

We thought long and hard before we put this Spidey on our list. Mostly because up until this point we’ve been a bit biased towards comic book Spider-Man, and this is an MCU Spider-Man. While it changes the styling of the figure, the look and articulation is so good, we can’t ignore it. Now, we all know Bandai has a way with articulation. Their S.H. FiguArts line is fantastic. With importing figures from overseas becoming more consistent than it once was, it’s much easier today to get your hands on their impressive figures. Now that they have a license to make Marvel figures, consider us excited.

There are a lot of things to like about this figure — especially if you’re looking for a good MCU figure. S.H. FiguArts increased the articulation in Spidey’s hips so you can get him down into all the iconic Spider-Man poses. They made sure he looks screen accurate, and they clearly understand the importance of flexible joints for our favorite web-slinger. There is one glaring drawback (outside of him being MCU over comic Spidey); he only comes with one head. Thankfully, Tamashii Nations added in three different eyes (and a tool to change them out), so you can get different expressions. He comes with neutral, focused, and squinting.

Then the accessories keep going. He comes with an incredible seven sets of hands: relaxed, fists, web launching, thwip, grip, wall crawling, and cell phone holding. Yes. He comes with a cell phone. He also comes with a backpack. He also has a short web, a long web, and a swinging web to pose with. Then they decided we needed a little bit more and threw in a wall accessory, and a PET effect. It’s one of the most comprehensive sets of Spider-Man accessories you can find with a figure. If you want an MCU piece, this one is fantastic, and some of us at Gemr feel it’s on par with the MAFEX stuff.

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man No.002

Revoltech Spider-Man is hands down one of the most posable Spider-Man figures ever made. But, they also have one problem with all of their figures. The joints are very exposed. While this gives more range of motion and posability, it also looks kinda chunky. If you can get past this (and for some people, this is a deal breaker), this figure is incredible. Like many of the best figures, it looks a little weird in a neutral stance — but this is Spider-Man. He wasn’t meant for neutral poses. This figure is intended to be played with, put into action poses, and look awesome.

If you have an iconic Spider-Man pose in mind, this figure is the most likely to pull it off. For a six-inch figure, you get more range of motion than you could dream of. But the joints are always going to look a little weird (dang it, Revoltech), and you do need to be careful as you can snap pieces if you yank them into position instead of taking your time.

Then there are the accessories — and boy, does he come with a lot. When you think of Spider-Man, you think of web-slinging, and Revoltech knows that. They gave us three different webbing options: two shooting webs (that are designed to look like they are coming from his wrists), two long swinging webs, and a lasso web to catch other figures. The lasso web can also be looped around hooks or displays to make it look like he’s hanging. We love the options this creates for poses. But they kept going.

You get four sets of hands: gripping, thwip, fists, and wall crawling. While you don’t get an additional head sculpt, you do get four sets of eyes (and a tool to take them off without damaging the figure). We wish he came with an alternate head — but the four sets of eyes have enough variety to make it okay. He also comes with a stand with a vast number of options. It has an extended rod, a clip, a short clip with magnet for wall crawling, and an articulated rod. The final accessory surprised us, and that was a fresh set of shoulder joints — in case yours break. While this made us worry that the shoulders might break, they’re really nice to have in case yours get loose or you are too rough on the figure.

If you can get past the naked joints, we really think this is a must-have Spidey figure. But if you need your joints to be a little less visible, there is one Spider-Man left on our list.

MAFEX Spider-Man (Comic Version)

Okay. If you don’t have the funds to buy an older figure — or the time to sniff out fakes — we recommend you turn to a newer figure. Sure, the price can be steep, but let’s be honest, so is pretty much everything on our list. There are a few reasons we like this bad boy more than the Revoltech. Mostly, it’s because the joints look better. The figure looks more seamless, and this makes it easier to display and better to look at. There is plenty of articulation, and you can get him into all of those Spidey poses, even if he has a little bit less articulation overall (the exposed joints serve a purpose). In our opinion, however, it’s not enough of a difference to make us feel like you have to sacrifice look for the pose.

There are a couple issues with this figure. MAFEX sort of let us down with the paint job. While it’s not bad, and the app is excellent (not to mention the sculpted spiders on the front and the back), the packaging and prototypes looked much brighter than the final figure. He looks more like MCU spiderman in coloring than comic book bright red and metallic blue. But, nitpicking aside, it looks great. We just wish the color was closer to what the box advertised. Some people have experienced a little bit of looseness on a hand or two — but overall there isn’t much to gripe about. And once again, the accessories make up for it.

If you thought Revoltech’s four sets of hands were exciting, this figure brings us back to the S.H. FiguArts excessiveness. You get a set of relaxed hands, gripping, thwipping, wall crawling, fists, and finally, magnetic wall crawling hands so he can scramble up metal shelves. He also comes with two sets of feet, magnetic and standard — both with a toe bend. There isn’t much difference between the two other than the magnets.

But the accessories don’t stop there. You get two short webs, two long webs, a grippy web, and shooting web with a cone at the top for posing. We like these webs, but not as much as the Revoltech ones which attach to pegs in the hands — these ones loop behind the hands like bracelets, but once you pose him it still looks cool as heck, so we don’t care.

He also comes with three heads: giant-eyed 90’s feeling Spidey, a slightly smaller and more menacing-eyed Spidey, and an unmasked head. While we are glad they included the unmasked head, it feels a little… underwhelming? There is one thing that makes up for this though; they add an unmasked neck, which is something you just don’t see and makes the piece that much better. They also include a mask (just like SDCC Exclusive Stan Lee Spider-Man), that he can hold — and honestly, that makes up for the less than exciting paint job on the Peter head.

Overall, this figure ticks all our boxes. It has incredible 90s styling, it’s one of the most posable Spider-Man figures out there, and it just got a re-issue which means you can get it for a pretty decent price. Take our advice and snag this bad boy while you can. He’s too cool to miss out on.

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