Brazilian Record Collector Quietly Builds One of the World’s Largest Vinyl Libraries

Zero Freitas, on the records. CreditSebastián Liste/Noor, for The New York Times

Ready for some vinyl envy?  Brazilian record collector Zero Freitas has amassed enough vinyl to fill an entire 25,000 sq.  ft. warehouse with just his own personal collection of music.  So who is he?  And how did he build this massive collection? 

Freitas has been fortunate enough through his success as a Brazilian bus line business owner to have the funds to fuel his passion for music.  When his funds allowed him to keep purchasing and purchasing more vinyl, his funds then allowed him to to buy a space dedicated to growing his vinyl collection.  His collection has grown so large, in fact, to draw the attention of the New York Times.

But before you completely despise the man for owning one of the largest vinyl libraries in the world when you haven’t, he may become your new music hero.  His plan for the ultimate collection he’s acquired is “to turn his inventory into a sort of public listening house”.  He believes every record, regardless of popularity, deserves to be saved and listened to, otherwise the music on them will cease to exist as if it never happened.

Worry not vinyl fanatics, the digital age has not yet won the music battle.

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